Angel One vs Zerodha

Angel Broking is one of the oldest stock brokers in India. It started operations in 1996 and has over 3 million users right now. Its online trading platform is known as Angel One. Zerodha was launched in 2010, and within 10 years, it dethroned broking powerhouses such as ICICI Direct, Angel Broking, etc, to become the number 1 online broker in India. In August 2022, Zerodha founders revealed that their trading platform had reached the milestone of 1 crore unique users.

If you’re using Angel Broking and wondering whether you should switch to Zerodha or you’re using the latter, and you’re looking for another platform to invest your money or trade, go through our comparison of Angel One and ZD and clear your doubts

Angel Broking vs Zerodha

Account Opening process

To open an account with Angel Broking/Zerodha, you must fill out the account opening form on their website and submit it. One you submit the form, it can take 1 or 2 days for your account to get fully functional.

Angel Broking opens Demat accounts for users much quicker than other brokers, including Zerodha. In our case, the account was opened within 7 hours. If any information you enter in the account opening form is incorrect, Angel Broking staff will contact you and ask you to re-fill the details. Zerodha is fairly quick. Our account was ready in 48 hours.

User Interface

Zerodha and Angel Broking, remember your user ID. In the case of Zerodha, you will be asked to enter the password and the PIN, but Angel Broking prompts you to enter the PIN number.

Angel One interface boasts two sidebars – left and right. On the left sidebar, you’ll find a list of stocks. The right sidebar is a narrower one and has the option to open – the watchlist, portfolio, funds, reports, products, advisory, and markets page. When you click a stock displayed on the left sidebar, Angel One will show the short between the two sidebars. Zerodha features a watchlist section on the left side, and it shows funds, positions, portfolio, open positions, orders, chart, etc on the right side.


Zerodha and Angel Broking charge 20 Rs brokerage for intraday/delivery buy or sell orders. ZD charges a one time account opening fee of 300 Rs while AB won’t ask users to pay money to open their Demat account. Furthermore, ZD charges 300 Rs as AMC per year. On AB, AMC charges for the first year are 0 and from the next years onward, you’ll be charged between 300 to 900 Rs


Zerodha Kite is integrated with TradingView premium plan which allows users to change the layout. Angel One is also enabled with TradingView premium charts. You can add as many indicators as you want but you cannot change the layout in Angel One. This is the biggest drawback of the online trading platform.


MIS is not activated by default for new trading accounts in Angel One but is enabled by default in Zerodha. MIS is a feature that gives traders the 5 times purchasing power of the amount they’ve got in their trading accounts. For example, if you’ve 10000 Rs in your account, you can buy shares worth Rs 50000 on a platform that supports the MIS feature. To enable MIS for your Angel One account, you must write an email to their support team. MIS activation takes up to a day.


Angel One and Zerodha have a one-day payment policy i.e. you get the payment within 24 hours of making a request. AB allows users to link a new bank account to their trading account. On ZD, you’ll have to e-sign the document of modifying the bank account, and you’ll be charged some fee. Changing Account on Angel One is free and doesn’t require e-signing.

Desktop app

Zerodha has not launched a Windows application yet. Angel Broking has launched a desktop app called SpeedPro. The application is a bit large but has a beautiful user interface. You can see charts, place orders, manage your portfolio, etc with the SpeedPro app.


To see reports in Zerodha, you must navigate to the Zerodha console and then click on the Reports menu. You should click on the Reports option on Angel Broking on the right sidebar to see the reports. The Tax Profit & Loss report on AB is just one click away. Above the report’s data, you’ll find a dedicated button to download the Tax P & L report. You must generate the report on ZD after selecting the dates and then click the download button.

Trading Calls

Angel One features an advisory section where you’ll find Short Term, Long Term, Intraday, Commodity, and Currency Calls. The section also features a “buy” or “sell” button to place the buy or sell order quickly. The calls are given by Angel Broking experts. Before executing the trade, you should do your own research. Zerodha doesn’t share any trading/investing calls with the users.

Which platform is better? Our rating for both platforms would be five out of five. If you’re using an issue with any of the platforms, contact the support staff. If the stiff doesn’t solve your issue, you can make a switch.

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