Base plans of Airtel, Vi, Jio, BSNL compared

Base plan, also known as the “minimum recharge pack” is a recharge plan that will keep your prepaid connection active i.e. you can use the internet, SMS, outgoing, incoming calling service of the telecom service provider if you recharge your number with the base plan (or higher amount). What will happen if you don’t recharge after your plan expires? If you don’t recharge your number with the base plan (or any other costlier pack), the telecom company will immediately disable the outgoing calling facility and after 7 days, it will block all incoming calls to your phone. Before Jio entered the market, Airtel, Idea Cellular, Vodafone kept incoming calls active for a longer duration on the phones of users whose plans had expired. Now the grace/validity period has been reduced to just 7 days. The base plans are great for elderly people or for basic/entry-level phone users. Below, we’ve shared the base plans of Vi, JIO, BSNL, and Airtel:

Airtel base plan

Before July 2021, Airtel had two base plans priced at Rs 49 and Rs 79 respectively. A few days back, Airtel scrapped the 49 Rs plan. As the 49 Rs pack is no longer available, you will have to recharge your number with Rs 79, which is 50+ percent costlier than the 49 Rs pack. This pack is valid for 28 days and offers 200 MB of data along with 64 minutes of Talktime. Airtel will charge you 1 paisa per second if you make local, landline, and STD calls.

Jio base plan

Jio 75 Rs plan is the most impressive base plan in India. It comes with 28 days validity and provides 3GB of data. You can consume 100MB of data in a day at 4g speeds. The speed after FUP will be 64 Kbps. You are can also send up to 50 SMS, make free voice calls, and access content on JIO apps at no additional cost. The drawback of this plan is that it is available for users of JioPhone only. For those who aren’t aware, JioPhonee is a feature phone with smart features. You can do most of the things you can do with/on a smartphone with a JioPhone.

Other JIO SIM card users can recharge their number with Rs 129. The 129 Rs plan is the most affordable prepaid plan of JIO. Its validity is of 28 days. This plan provides 2GB of data and supports unlimited voice calls and 300 SMSes.

Vi base plan

Although the Vi company is going through a bad phase, it has launched many plans that are priced competitively. The base plan of Vi costs Rs 79. You will get 200 megabytes of data and 64 minutes of talk time when your recharge your Vi number with Rs 79.

BSNL base plan

BSNL has different plans for each circle. In some circles, the telecom operator asks users to recharge their number with Rs 75 to keep their connections active. To find out what is the minimum recharge amount for your circle and phone number, please dial 18001801503 and get in touch with the customer care executive of BSNL.

As you can see above, the price difference isn’t much. Unless there’s poor network coverage, you don’t have to port your number to another company.

Airtel hasn’t ditched its 2G network yet. As you can use the Airtel SIM card in a basic phone, the 79 Rs pack is the best base plan for the users of entry-level handsets.

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