Best 1 year 4G plans

Looking for an annual 4G plan but don’t know which plan to choose? Here, we have shared the top annual 4G plans you can buy in India.

Mobile data plans were very expensive a decade back. Now, they are cheap. In the late 2000s, 1GB of data was priced between 200 to 300 Rs. Now, you get 30 to 40GB of data at the same price. When you have consumed the entire day’s data and have a prepaid SIM, you will still be able to browse the internet. Why go for a yearly plan? What are the advantages and cons of the annual prepaid 4G plan?

Benefits of buying a 1-year recharge plan:

No impact of tariff change in a year: Telecom companies are finding new reasons to increase their ARPU. They may change the tariff anytime. You don’t have to worry about plan changes if you buy an annual recharge plan.

Disadvantages of buying a 1-year recharge plan:

Can be risky: Unless the telecom operator’s network at your location is consistently good and you use the internet often, you shouldn’t go for the annual plan. Why is this so? Suppose you buy a plan, and the network performance deteriorates after a month, and you’re a heavy internet user. You may suffer unless the company does something to get the networking working great again.

Best annual 4G plans

Jio yearly 4G plans

In August 2022, Reliance Industries subsidiary JIO Infocomm launched a new plan called Independence Offer. This plan offers more data than any other plan priced in the same range i.e. 2.5GB. The company offers subscriptions to its apps and also gives you AJIO and NetMeds coupons worth the recharge amount. The coupon is valid only on purchases over 1000 Rs.

Other yearly plans of Reliance JIO cost 2879 and 2545 Rs. These two plans offer 2GB and 1.5GB daily data. You won’t get the vouchers with these two plans but will get access to these JIO applications – JIO Cloud, Cinema, Security, and TV. The mobile data connection speed will drop to 64 Kbps when you’ve used the entire day’s data.

Vi annual plans

Vodafone Idea is another leading telecom company to introduce annual plans. The telecom firm sells 2 yearly 4G subscription plans – one that costs 2899 and another that is priced at 3099. The plans provide 1.5GB and 2GB of data, respectively.

Unlike Jio, which offers a fixed amount of 4G data daily, Vi Annual plans are enabled with the Night Binge Offer, wherein you will get unlimited data from 12 AM to 6 AM. You can thus watch your favorite show or move in Full HD resolution during the night. The night binge offer makes the annual Vi 4G plans better than the rest. These 2 annual 4G plans also ship with the data rollover feature and let you watch content on the Vi Movies application.

Airtel annual plans

Airtel has one of the best network coverages in India. Despite the rapid growth of JIO, the company hasn’t been affected by Jio in a major way. It is giving stiff competition to Jio by launching plans that cost nearly the same as the ones offered by Jio, but its plans are slightly more expensive than the JIO plans.

Like JIO, Airtel offers a 2.5GB data per day plan priced at 3359 Rs. There’s also a 2GB data per day plan which costs 2999 Rs. Like JIO, Airtel has launched some mobile applications. You will get access to these mobile applications – Wynk Music and Airtel XStream. Airtel has also partnered with the leading online pharmacy brand Appolo to offer a free 3 months subscription to the users of the subscribers of its online 4G plans.

Which plan should you go for?

For me, Airtel has worked the best. I purchased the 2GB yearly plan of the company last year. I have not faced any network-related issues in the last 11 months. The plan is due to expire this month i.e. in August 2022.

I used JIO for a brief time. Initially, the download speeds were good on the JIO networks, but as the company’s user base grew, the browsing/download speeds plummeted. This was in 2015. I don’t know how the network performs right now.

My wife uses a Vi SIM. Vi network is not consistently good. If you go to other states, the network issue may become worse.

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