7 Best ACs under 30000 in India

Air Conditioner can cool down a room within a few minutes. The fan may take several minutes for this task. If you’re living in a city where the day temperature exceeds 40 degrees during summer, the air conditioners can bring relief from the hot weather to you and your family. If the ceiling is hot, the fan will worsen the condition instead of providing relief. Fans don’t have a filter.

Air conditioners have a sophisticated filter. Thus, few pathogens, allergens, and disease-causing bacteria will enter your room or home if you don’t open the windows or keep the door shut most of the time (you can’t avoid all of them). Air coolers are better than ceiling fans, but they can be very noisy. You’ll have to remove its cover and put water in the water container. Air conditioners are better than air coolers and fans. The price of air conditioners starts at 22k. Below, we’ve shared the best AC below 30k Rs you can buy in India:

7 Best AC under 30000 Rs

Whirlpool Magicool Pro

whirlpool magicool pro

This Whirlpool 1.5 ton air conditioner under 30000 Rs has a copper unit, and the Multi-Port Fluid injection technology powers it. It is a split-type AC that features the R32 Eco refrigerant. This AC has the auto-restart function that will automatically reprogram the AC to operate as per your requirements/settings after a power outage/failure.

Magicool Pro supports the ECO power-saving mode. It has three energy star ratings. According to Whirlpool, Magicool Pro can function at adverse temperatures such as 50, 55 degrees. The weight of this AC is 48 kilograms. Magicool Pro’s compressor carries 10 years warranty. Its condenser has 2 years warranty. The warranty on the other parts is 1 year. This AC doesn’t require a stabilizer.

Daikin FTL28TV

daikin ftl28tv - air conditioners under 30000 Rs

Like Magicool Pro by Whirlpool, FTL28TV is an AC with 3-star energy ratings. It has an excellent capacity of 0.8 tons, and according to Daikin, FTL28TV produces very low noise. This AC contains an R32 refrigerant. It features the “Power chill” function that will rapidly cool down the room’s temperature.

FTL28TV’s condenser sports copper coiling, and it features a 2.5 PM filter. You can use it without a stabilizer. Daikin FTL28TV’s weight is 8 kilograms only, and it is 7K rs cheaper than Magicool Pro. Daikin offers 5 years warranty on the compressor & a 1-year warranty on the condenser of the FTL28TV AC.

Sanyo SI/SO-10T5SCIC

sanyo so 10t5scic - ac under 30000 Rs

SI/SO-10T5SCIC boasts a 5-star energy rating, condenser with copper coil & hydrophilic fins, and has a 1-ton cooling capacity. It contains PM 2.5 and dust filters. It also includes the R32 refrigerant. This air conditioner under 30000 Rs features a “Glacier Mode” function that makes the AC’s fan faster by 35% to rapidly cool the room/hall in which it is installed. SI/SO-10T5SCIC ships with a backlit system enabled remote control unit. This Sanyo AC weighs 9.5 kilograms. It supports the auto-restart and eco function.


lg ms q12ynxa - best ac under 30000 Rs

This 1 ton LG AC under 30000 has a 3-star energy rating, R32 refrigerant, and looks better than the above air conditioners. MS-Q12YNXA is powered by the Himalaya cool technology, which ensures that the room gets cooled within a few minutes of turning on the AC. Its compressor has a 10 years warranty. Its PCB carries 5 years warranty. This LG AC has an EZ clean filter, and it doesn’t require the installation of a stabilizer. Q12YNXA has 32.1 kilograms weight. Its compressor has a ocean black fin.

Godrej 18NTC3-WTA

godrej 18ntc3 wta

18NTC3-WTA is the best alternative to the air conditioners under 30000 Rs we’ve shared above. It has three special filters – anti-bacterial, anti-carbon, and anti-dust filter. According to Godrej, it also includes a condenser with a 100% copper coil. The 18NTC3-WTA AC has a 3-star energy rating and 12 kilograms weight. It is powered by Godrej’s Green Inverter Technology, which automatically optimizes the AC’s cooling function/system to reduce its power consumption. 18NTC3-WTA has a capacity of 1 ton.

Panasonic CS/CU-SU18XKYTW

Panasonic CS CU-SU18XKYTW

Launched in 2021, CU-SU18XKYTW is the latest air conditioner of Panasonic. CU-SU18XKYTW is a robust 1.5-ton ac with a 100% copper coil and a PM 2.5 filter. It supports voice technology and works like a charm with Alexa and Google Assistant digital voice assistant.

CU-SU18XKYTW consumes 1055 KWh power/year and has an inverter compressor with 10 years warranty. It has 3 energy star ratings and ships with different sleep profiles that users can activate either with voice or manually with the remote control. According to Panasonic, CU-SU18XKYTW works great without a dedicated stabilizer and has many non-corrosive parts. It ships with a one-touch diagnostic tool and is ideal for 150 square feet rooms. Panasonic offers a 5 years warranty on the PCB of CU-SU18XKYTW.

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