7 Best air coolers under 5000 Rs

The summer season will begin soon in India, and you might be looking for a budget air cooler for your office or home and ditch the fan. Air coolers are better than fans. They have a powerful motor and a mini tank that can store up to 30-liter water. They also feature a special absorbent sheet which is installed in such a way that the sheet is always in contact with the water (when you fill the cooler with water). When water on the absorbent evaporates because of the excess heat, the compartment surrounded by the absorbent will be cooled, and the motor will thrust the cooled air. The price of the coolers starts at 4500 Rs. Below, we’ve shared the best air cooler below 5000 Rs for home or office use in India:

Best air coolers under 5000 Rs in India

Bajaj PCF 25DLX

The 25DLX air cooler has a 24-liter tank, and it sports a honeycomb cooling media. It is ideal for large rooms of a size up to 750 Square Feet. It weighs 8.3 kilograms and consumes 80-watt power. This cooler is built using the thermoplastic material, and it features castor wheels, 9-inch fans. Its height is 2.31 feet. It can thrust air up to 18 feet. Bajaj offers a 1-year warranty on 25DLX.

Symphony Diet 12T

This air cooler is powered by the i-pure technology. It has a 12-liter water container, and its height is 2.7 feet. It sports smell, PM 2.5, wash, dust, allergy filters, and honeycomb cooling media. The Diet 12T air cooler under 5000 Rs requires 170-watt power. It has 360-degree rotating wheels. Diet 12T is a slim air cooler. It is ideal for 12 square meter rooms.

Kenstar Nix

kenstar nix

Nix is an excellent alternative to the above air coolers under 5000 Rs. It requires 50-watts of power and can throw air up to 10 feet. Nix has a 3-speed control button and has a 12-liter water storage capacity. Its weight is 6.21 kilograms only. It requires 150W power. This Kenstar air cooler is ideal for small rooms.

Bajaj Platini PX97

The PX97 air cooler under 5000 Rs can store 36-liter water. According to Bajaj, it consumes 100W power and can throw air up to 20 meters. PX97 features honeycomb cooling media on three sides, and it includes 12-inch fans. Its height is 2.67 feet and has turbofan technology-powered fans.

Symphony Ice Cube 27

Ice Cube 27 is one of India’s best Symphony budget air coolers. It has multiple filters (bacteria/dust/allergy/pm 2.5) that ensure fresh air and a powerful fan + 3 side honeycomb media that will keep the room cool. Ice Cube is ideal for medium size rooms of 16 square meters. Its height is 2.726 feet, and its weight is 7 to 9.5 kilograms. It requires 105 watts of power.

Orient CP3001H

orient cp3001h

CP3001H has a 30-liter tank, and it consumes 140-watt power. It contains an anti-dust, anti-bacterial, and anti-mosquito filter and sports a water level indicator. The mosquito filter ensures that the mosquito won’t breed inside the cooler. The dust filter ensures that the cooler won’t throw dust particles towards you when its water tank is empty. It has honeycomb pads built with DenseNet technology. The pads ensure that the water doesn’t get wasted unnecessarily. The weight of the Orient CP3001H cooler is 10.3 kilograms.


iBell Deluxe

DELUXE by iBall has been purchased by thousands of users. Its rating is above average. The DELUXE air cooler has an anti-rust body and a four-way airflow system. It supports 3 fan speeds and requires low power, according to iBell. DELUXE has an air delivery speed of 2250 m3/hour and an air swing function that ensures that the air is thrusted in directions up to 90 degrees. DELUXE has a modular design and is sleek. iBell offers 1.5-year warranty on its DELUXE air cooler.

Most of the air coolers we’ve shared above have similar features, but their design differs. Buy one of them and get relief from the hot weather of summer.

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