8 Best Bluetooth earbuds under 50 dollars

Looking for the best Bluetooth earbud under $50? Here, we’ve shared six great truly wireless earbuds you can buy for below 50 dollars. Why go wireless? The wired earphones will be of no use if one of its wires gets damaged, and you don’t take the earphone to the service center and get its wire changed. You don’t have to worry about cables if you’re wearing a wireless earbud. Because of the lack of cables, wireless earbuds tend to last longer. Is Bluetooth secure? Yes, unless you explicitly share your Bluetooth password with someone, your Bluetooth earbud will be connected to your smartphone or tablet only. The charging case of the earbuds has multiple led bulbs that indicate the battery charge of the earbuds. Here are the best earbuds below $50:

Best true wireless earbuds under 50

Beben 31H

Beben 31H

31H is an IPX6 certified wireless earbud under 50 dollars with a microphone. It has one button for controlling the mode and features of the earbud. This button boasts two labels – L and R. You must press the L/R label for a specific duration or X number of times to listen to the next/previous track, activate Siri (if you’ve connected 31H with an iPhone/iPad), etc. 31H supports fast charging and ships with USB Type-C charging case. It is lightweight, has a 13mm diaphragm, and has Bluetooth 5.0. According to Beben, you can use 31H for up to 5 hours when you charge its battery fully. The charging case stores 6 times more backup power than Beben. Thus, you can charge 31H 5 to 6 times.


tozo t10

T10 is one of the most popular earbuds in the United States. It is of wireless type. Even though T10 is priced below 50, it has a premium finishing. T10 is IPX68 certified and generates stereo quality HiFi sound. According to TOZO, T10’s bass level is 16Hz and treble level is 20KHz and when you remove T10 from its charging case, the earbuds will connect with each other automatically. TOZO T10 features Bluetooth 5.0 system. Once it is fully charged, T10 can work for up to 6 hours. You can buy T10 in grey, black, blue, khaki, and white color options.

Anker Soundcore Life P2

anker soundcore life p2 - earbuds below 50

Life P2 has a better battery compared to TOZO’s T10. According to Anker, this Soundcore series earbud under 50 dollars can play songs continuously for up to 7 hours. Each unit of Life P2 features 2 microphones with a noise-canceling CVC 8.0 system. P2 is an IPX7 certified earbud. Like T10, the earbuds will connect to each other automatically when you remove them from the charging case. Life P2 supports fast charging. If you charge it for 10 minutes, you can listen to radio/songs, etc for up to an hour. P2 contains a long-lasting graphene driver and it is powered by aptX & BassUP technologies.

MPOW Mbits S

mpow mbits s - earbuds under 50

The Mbits S earbud under 50 dollars is similar to Anker Life P2 and has a nice fast-charging system. According to MPOW, 15 minutes of charging can make Mbits S function for up to 2 hours. Mbits S features CVC noise cancellation technology powered microphones and is IPX8 certified. It contains Bluetooth 5.0. MPOW Mbit S can recognize and analyze human finger touches. For example, if you tap on the earbud thrice, MBIT S will activate the voice assistant. If you’re attending a call, you can tap on the earbud twice to end the call.


tozo t6

T6 is a better wireless earbud under $50 than TOZO Z10 w.r.to specs, but it is slightly costlier. T6 has Bluetooth 5.0 and it supports these four Bluetooth profiles – A2DP, HSP, HFP, & AVRCP. This earbud is waterproof as it is IPX8 certified. It can play for a maximum of 6 hours after a full battery charge. T6 contains a microphone so that you can talk with the caller without touching the smartphone. It sports finger touch control and has HiFi stereo quality sound output.



The VEATOOL earbuds under 50 dollars have nano-coating to prevent damages caused by sweat. It has a sporty design and is IPX5 certified. The earbud has a 50 mAh battery and it supports voice assistants. You can use one VEATOOL earbud or both at a time. The sound generated by VEATOOL is of stereo HiFi quality. Its charging case shows the remaining battery charge in each earbud.


enacfire e60 - earbuds under 50 dollars

ENACFIRE E60 is a beautiful earbud under 50 dollars with excellent ratings. It is stylish and long-lasting. After one full battery charge, you can enjoy songs for up to 8 hours with E60. This earbud has received the prestigious IPX8 certification for its ability to function even after coming in contact with the water for several minutes. It sports Bluetooth 5.0 and employs CVC 8.0 technology based microphone. E60 ships with a USB Type-C cable for charging. You can also charge it wirelessly. Like some earbuds we’ve shared above, E60 comes with touch controls.

Skullcandy Sesh Evo

skullcandy sesh evo - best earbuds under 50 dollars

Sesh Evo by Skullcandy is the best alternative to the above earbuds. You can use both of its buds at the same time or one bud at a time. This true wireless earbud under $50 is IP55 rated and it supports Skullcandy Tile technology through which you can locate the misplaced Evo earbud. EVO contains Bluetooth 5.0. Its battery lasts for 5 hours. EVO supports quick-charging. If you charge its battery for 10 minutes, you can use the earbud for up to 120 minutes.

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