Best Bluetooth speakers under 50 dollars

Are you looking for the best Bluetooth speaker under $50 budget? Here we have covered eight great Bluetooth speakers you can buy for below 50 USD. The speakers on our list are waterproof & dustproof. What about the range? Well, the range depends on the Bluetooth system. BT 4.2/5.0 devices can be paired with a phone kept at a distance of 60 to 100 feet from the device. To know the range of your speaker, you will have to check out the manual provided by the manufacturer. Here are the eight great Bluetooth speakers you can purchase for below $50:

Best Bluetooth speakers under $50

OontZ Angle 3

oontz angle 3

OontZ Angle 3 by Cambridge Soundworks has ratings of 4.6 from over 120k buyers. It is the most popular Bluetooth speaker below $50 in the US. It has a lovely triangular body and a long battery life. According to Cambridge Soundworks, Angle 3 can work for 14 straight hours on a full battery charge. Angle 3 comes with Bluetooth 4.2 & a 2500 mAh battery. It is 5 inches long and 280 grams light. As Angle 3 is tiny, you can put it anywhere you want. This little beast is IPX5 certified and has a USB Type-C port. It has a microphone built-in. Thus, if you’re in a pool or taking a shower, you can answer calls.

DOSS Soundbox Pro

doss soundbox pro

SoundBox Pro by DOSS is a Bluetooth speaker under 50 USD with a rectangular design. It has round edges. The grill of the speakers is surrounded by a light show system that will change colors according to the current sound beat. Soundbox Pro supports six colors. This speaker by DOSS contains Bluetooth 4.2 and has 20 hours of battery backup. It weighs 552.9 grams and features a stereo 20-watt speaker. SoundBox Pro has a dedicated button to boost the bass. It is IPX5 certified as well.

Tribit XSound Go

tribit xsounds go

XSound sports rounded edges and has a rectangular body. According to Tribit, the XSound Go Bluetooth speaker below $50 can play music for the entire day once you charge its lithium-ion battery fully (100%). This speaker by Tribit is IPX7 certified and has a USB Type-C charging port. It contains two six-watt drivers, a 4500 mAh battery, and powerful bass radiators. XSound Go’s weight is 512 grams. The SBC AAC audio codec fuels its sound system.

MusiBaby M68

musibaby m68

M68 by MusiBaby is one of the most beautiful Bluetooth speakers under $50. It is IPX5 certified, 4.9-inch long, and 2.1-inch wide. It is round in shape and has Bluetooth 5.0. M68’s battery life is 25 hours after 1 100% charge. It doesn’t have a microphone. According to MusiBaby, users can pair M68 with another M68. If you do so, both speakers will play the same songs/music simultaneously. MS68 has a woofer and weighs 350 grams only.

Anker SoundCore 2

anker soundcore 2 - bluetooth speaker under 50 dollars

SoundCore 2 by Anker is the 2nd most popular Bluetooth speaker below 50 dollars in the US. It is slightly wider and longer than other speakers on our lists. SoundCore 2’s length is 6.5-inches. Its width is 1.8-inch. SC2 can work for 24 hours as it has a large battery, according to Anker. SoundCore 2 contains Bluetooth 5.0 chip, 6-watt dual drivers, and is IPX7 certified. Anker’s BassUpTM audio technology powers it. Its weight is 354 grams.

ZoeeTree S1 Pro

zoetree s1pro

The S1 Pro Bluetooth Speaker by ZoeeTree has a 4400 mAh battery that charges fully in 4 hours. When you charge the battery of S1 Pro up to 100%, the speaker will work for 36 hours. This speaker by ZoeeTree can be paired with devices in the 100 feet range. Its speaker has a combined output of 20-watt, and the sound quality is HD. S1 Pro is IPX7 certified, and it has a button to enable the voice assistant. You can lay on your sofa/bed and control the S1 Pro with your voice when you press this button. S1 Pro contains a USB Type-C port.


mpow r9

R9 is a nice-looking Bluetooth speaker below 50 dollars. Although R9 has a 4400 mAh battery, the battery lasts for only 10 hours. The MPOW R9 speaker has a 24-watt total sound output and a USB Type-C charging port. It sports anti-slip fabric and a button to connect with other R9 speakers you’ve got. According to MPOW, you can pair up to 100 speakers with R9. R9 weighs 630 grams. It is 8.6-inch long and 3.6-inch wide.

Ortizan X10

ortizan - bluetooth speaker under 50

The Ortizan X10 Bluetooth speaker under 50 dollars contains Bluetooth 5.0 and a mini light show system consisting of LED bulbs that glow different colors automatically. It has a cylindrical shape and can play non-stop for 30 hours. According to Ortizan, this speaker is waterproof (100%) and has a Hi-Fi stereo 12-watt sound system. It also includes a microphone. The manufacturer has launched grey, red, black, navy, and pink color variants of X10. The range of the Ortizan speaker is 66-feet.

Eduplink M6 Pro

M6Pro is a Bluetooth 5.0 IPX7 certified speaker under 50 dollars. It can play music for over 20 hours nonstop when the speaker volume is 50%. If the volume is above 60%, the speaker’s battery will last for 10 to 15 hours. According to Eduplink, MS6Pro supports connectivity with smartphones located at 30 meters distance from the speaker. M6Pro features 20-watt speakers and has a standby time of 90 days. It weighs below 500 grams and has 16 x 7.84 x 7.84 centimeters dimensions. You can purchase Eduplink M6Pro in one of these five color options – green, blue, black, pink, and red.

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