Best CCTV cameras under 500 dollars

Are you looking for the best CCTV cameras under 500 dollars? Here, we’ve covered the best CCTV under 500 USD you can buy. Why buy CCTV? If you own a store and don’t have enough salesmen, the customer may put an item in their pocket or bag and walk away with the things if you don’t install a CCTV camera system at the store.

Sometimes, you may hire a babysitter and go out for a party or movie. You ask the babysitter to take care of the child or kids, but instead of obeying your order, the babysitter locks the kids in a room, lays on the couch, and watches TV. If you have a CCTV camera at home, you can keep an eye on things happening in your house when you’re far away.

You may go on a vacation for a few weeks, or because of the rising covid cases in your city, you move to another town for an indefinite time. You have a big lawn, and plenty of trees surround your house. To keep an eye on your home, you will either have to hire a guard or install a CCTV camera system at your house.

There are many other reasons to purchase and install a CCTV camera system at the place you live or work. Here are the best CCTV cameras you can get for below 500 dollars right now.

Best CCTV camera under 500 dollars

Swann SWDVK-855808WL

Swann SWDVK-855808WL

SWDVK-855808WL by Swann is a top-rated CCTV system priced around 500 dollars. It ships with eight weatherproof cameras that record 4k videos. The system saves the videos to a 2TB connected storage device. 855808WL comes with a 19 to 20 meter BNC cable and an ethernet and HDMI cable. The cameras of this Swann CCTV system are powered by infrared technology, and according to the manufacturer, you can see things 50 to 60 meters away during the night. SWDVK-855808WL enables its users to stream videos recorded by the camera on a mobile device, and it supports Google Assistant, Alexa, Google Home Hub.


Annke E200

E200 costs below 300 dollars and has an excellent rating of 4.5 out of 5. It ships with eight full HD cameras enabled with a night vision function and a 1TB HDD. According to ANNKE, the users can see objects that are up to 30 meters far from the camera in low light conditions. E200 features ABS housing and is IP66 certified. Hence, you can use it outdoors. This CCTV camera can notify the owner of moving things when the user is not nearby with the help of push notifications and snapshots. As E200 employs an H.265 video encoder, it can record long videos without consuming a massive amount of storage memory.

ZOSI 4TN-261W4-20-US1

ZOSI 4TN-261W4-20-US1

4TN-261W4-20 is one of the latest CCTV camera systems you can purchase for below 300 dollars. It is a weatherproof camera with metal housing. ZOSI had launched it in 2019. The system offers four cameras instead of 8 cameras. Its cameras have CMOS sensors and can record 4K resolution videos and clear videos of distances up to 150 feet during the night. 4TN-161W4 comes with a 2TB hard disk drive and is enabled with H.265 encoder. It lets you watch live action recorded by the camera on a smartphone with the help of the ZOSI app.



Launched in January 2021, the XVIM CCTV system comprises 8 2.0 megapixel full high-definition cameras and one terabyte storage memory. It includes 25 IR PCS LEDs for recording clear videos at night and is weatherproof. This CCTV camera lets you play the recorded footage on mobiles or a television. You can access the cameras on a smartphone, television, PC, or laptop and configure the system to prevent recording some house regions. These areas are called Blind areas. As in other CCTV cameras under 500 dollars we’ve shared above, you can configure XVIM to send an email alert when the camera detects a movement.

Hiseeu WNKIT-4HB312-1T

Hiseeu WNKIT-4HB312-1T

Hiseeu offers 4 4K cameras with a 3-megapixel sensor and 1TB HDD. WNKIT-4HB313 is an 8 CH CCTV camera system that employs an H.265 encoder to compress videos without losing video quality and is IP66 certified. It features a 2-way audio system. According to Hiseeu, the CCTV system can save 45 days of video to the HDD. This device lets you play recorded footage on smartphones and also enables you to stream camera output on the phones. The cameras of this Hiseeu CCTV features a CMOS sensor and 18 PCS Infrared LEDs for recording videos of distances up to 64 feet in low light conditions.


RLK-410B4 is a powerful 8-channel CCTV system that ships with four 4-megapixel cameras. The cameras of RLK-410B4 support 1440 pixel video resolution. Like other CCTVs we’ve shared above, RLK-410B4 features several IR LEDs that enable it to record videos at night. The system lets you watch the camera’s output live on a smartphone via the REOLINK application and sends motion alerts with proof. It supports customization of pixel motion detection and lets up to 12 users access the REOLINK CCTV system. RLK-410B4 uses the H.264 compression format, and it comes with a 2TB HDD.



The OOSSXX 8CH CCTV system is enabled with an IR Cut Filter. Its each camera features three infrared LEDs. It is an IP67 certified web camera with an advanced motion detection system and 4TB storage memory. OOSSXX kit comprises a 20-meter long cable, 8 x 5.0 megapixels cameras, one remote control, 1 x Network/HDMI cable, and an eight channel network recorder. OOSSXX cameras have aluminum housing, 3.6mm wide-angle lens, light sensor. It contains a three array 850 nm LED for capturing distant objects/moving things (80 feet).

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