7 Best gaming headphones under 2000 Rs

Are you looking for the best gaming headphones under 2000 Rs? Below, we’ve shared eight great earphones you can purchase in India for below 2K. Why buy a headphone? Well, headphones will ensure that your parents or siblings won’t be disturbed when you’re playing a game. As no one will be disturbed, you can play your favorite game for as many hours as you want. The gaming headphones we’ve shared here will cut off external noise when you’re wearing them or talking with other players. Hence, you can hear the game instructions or conversations between your partners. The headphones are compatible with various gaming consoles, laptops, and computers. Headphones are available for purchase in different price ranges. Here are the top headphones below 2000 Rs for gaming you can buy:

Best gaming headphones under 2000 Rs

Redgear Cosmo 7.1

redgear cosmo 7.1

This headphone was launched in 2018 by Redgear. It is one of the finest gaming accessories you can buy. Cosmo 7.1 features a 7.1 surround sound system, and it contains a noise-canceling tiltable microphone. It boasts a beautiful RBG LED lighting system. According to Redgear, Cosmo 7.1 has extra soft earmuffs so that your ear doesn’t hurt when you’re wearing it. Its cable is fitted with audio control buttons. Cosmo 7.1 weighs 601 grams.

Kotion Each G2000 Edition

kotion each over head g2000 edition

Kotion Each G2000 comes with a 50mm neodymium driver, and it has a noise cancellation technology-enabled microphone. This earphone looks slightly better than Cosmo 7.1, and it has undergone a flexibility test to ensure durability. Kotion Each’s microphone is foldable, and its wire features a volume control button. It also comes with a stylish LED lighting system. The weight of the Kotion Each G2000 earphone is below 500 grams. You can purchase it in one of these three color combinations – white/red, orange, blue/black.

Ant Esports H530

ant esports h530

The H530 gaming headphone under 2000 Rs is cheaper than Kotion Each and Redgear Cosmo 7.1, and its rating is 3.7 out of 5. This device has a 40 mm driver and foam earpads for the comfort of your ears. It features a multi-color backlit illumination system and has a noise-canceling microphone. Ant Esports H530 comes with a stereo surround sound system, and like other earphones we’ve covered here, its wire has a button to control the sound volume. H530’s weight is 325 grams. It is lightweight and one of the newest earphones on our list.

boAt Immortal IM-200

boAt Immortal

Immortal im-200 by boAt is a 7.1 channel gaming headphone below 2000 Rs with a microphone. It contains 50 mm drivers and weighs 350 grams. Immortal has a braided 2.3m cable which, according to boAt, is sturdy and ultra-soft foam. Its microphone employs ENx noise isolation technology, and the driver is customizable. Immortal IM-200 flaunts a mini remote control system on its cable and RGB LED system on its earcups.


onimula k1b - best gaming headphones under 2000

The K1 gaming headphone under 2000 Rs contains a 50 mm driver and a microphone that can pick up the gamer’s voice at various degrees. ONIKUMA K1B was introduced in India in 2019. Its weight is 450 grams only. The earmuffs of K1B are comfortable and boast a beautiful LED lighting system. K1B is powered by stereo surround sound technology. Its wire flaunts a button to control audio volume.

Cosmic Byte GS430

cosmic byte gs430.jpg

The GS430 Cosic Byte headphone ships with a seven color RBG LED lighting system. It is based on ergonomic design and contains a 50 mm neodymium driver. The wire of the headphones has a button to control sound volume, and the earmuffs of the headphones are soft. The length of the Cosmic Byte GS430 earphone wire is 2.1 meters. GS430 is available for purchase in 7 color options – red, grey, camo green, camo black, green, black.

EKSA Stereo

eksa stereo - gaming headphone under 2000 Rs

EKSA Stereo is the best-rated gaming headphone under 2000 Rs in India. It is not only beautiful but also has good design and nice features. EKSA Stereo contains a 40 mm neodymium driver and a 7.1 feet long cable. This earphone features a stylish LED lighting system and has an adjustable headband. EKSA Stereo boasts a 15-degree rotating earmuff and weighs 460 grams. EKSA had introduced the Stereo gaming headphone in March 2019. Its headphone has a good rating of 4.3 out of 5.


eksa t8

This earphone by EKSA has an excellent rating of 4.5 out of 5. T8 and EKSA Stereo share similar features i.e. 40 mm neodymium driver, long cable, microphone, etc, but its design/built is different. Also, EKSA T8 is 700 Rs cheaper than EKSA Stereo. T8 was launched in January this year. It is thus the latest gaming headphone on our list.

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