7 Best geysers in India

During the monsoon season, the temperature is within 15 to 35 degrees celsius in most states of India. The temperature at night in these states can be within 1 to 30 degrees celsius. Some people prefer a cold bath no matter how the climate is. During the winter or rainy season, most people will take a hot bath. For such people, a geyser is a must-have home appliance.

Geysers are of two types – gas and instant. The former types of geysers must be connected to an LPG cylinder or a PNG connection. The latter type requires electricity to work. Instant geysers are expensive compared to gas geysers. However, they heat the water quicker. Why purchase a geyser? Here are the benefits of having a geyser at home:

Safe: Although you can warm several liters of water on a gas stove, you’ll have to be careful while carrying the hot water. A person carrying boiling hot water may slip and the hot water may spill on the person’s body.

Fast: Water will be heated quickly in geysers compared to hearth or stove burner.

Piped supply: PNG, electric, or gas geysers are installed outside the bathroom and a pipe is connected to the outlet. Once the water is boiled or heated, it will be supplied through the pipe. You won’t have to carry the boiling water.

Which geyser should you purchase? Below, we’ve shared 7 great instant/gas geysers you can buy in India:

Note: Although the geysers are equipped with thermostats, safety systems, accidents may happen. Thus, no matter which geyser you purchase, you should have a fire extinguisher at your place. In case of a short circuit or fire caused by gas leakage or geyser malfunction, you can quickly douse the fire.

Best geysers in India

Bajaj Majesty Duetto

Bajaj Majesty Duetto gas png geyser

Bajaj has launched two variants of the Duetto geyser – PNG and LPG. There’s a price difference of 200 Rs between the two versions of Duetto but the design is the same. Duetto’s body is made of corrosion-resistant steel and is coated with powder for the safety of users. This Bajaj geyser requires a 3-volt input power supply and has a capacity of 6-liters. It features three knobs – one to adjust the gas flow, another to set water flow, and a knob to switch mode (winter or summer). It is the best gas geyser in India under 10000 Rs.

Bajaj Flora

Bajaj Flora instant water geyser

Flora by Bajaj is one of the best instant geysers under 3000 Rs. Despite being cheap, Flora looks stylish and modern and has an ISI rating. Flora can consume up to 3000-watts of power to warm/heat up to 3-liter water. Its outer body is built with ABS plastic. Flora features a stainless steel tank. It boasts a neon indicator that shows the status of the geyser and features overheating/dry heating/overpressure protection system. Bajaj offers 5 years warranty on the SS tank, 3 years warranty on the heating coil, and 2 years warranty on the product.

Havells Instanio

Havells Instanio

The Instanio instant geyser by Havells is 300 Rs costlier than Bajaj Flora. It features a copper heating element and an ABS rust-proof body. Instanio comes with a grade 304 stainless steel tank of 3 liters capacity and has an LED indicator that changes color as per the water condition i.e. hot or warm. Havells ships 2 pipes and wall mounting accessories with Instanio. It offers a 5 year & 2-year warranty on the tank, and product respectively. Instanio weighs 3 kilograms only.

AO Smith EWS-3

AO Smith EWS-3

Havells and Bajaj are local brands. AO Smith is an American company. It has launched water purifiers, geysers in India. Its EWS-3 is one of the top-selling instant geysers in India within the 3000 to 5000 Rs price range. EWS-3 has a rating of 4/5 (1900+ users have rated it). According to the manufacturer, EWS-3 comes with a 3-liter capacity alloy tank which is 23% stronger than stainless steel and it features a durable body built with plastic. It also features a glass-coated Incoloy heating element which is more durable than copper heating elements, according to AO Smith. EWS-3 weighs 4.2 kilograms. AO Smith provides a 5-year warranty on the inner tank and 3 years warranty on the heating element.

Panasonic Anchor

Panasonic Astra

Anchor by Panasonic is yet another great instant geyser you can purchase for under 3000 Rs. It consumes 3 to 4.5 KW power and features a 3-liter capacity stainless steel tank. Anchor weighs 4 kilograms and it contains a copper heating element. Its body is built using (ABS) thermoplastic corrosion-proof plastic. It features a safety valve that will open only when the pressure inside the tank reaches a certain level. According to Panasonic, Anchor employs thick PUF for heat retention and faster heating. This Panasonic geyser’s tank carries a 5-year warranty. Its heating coil ships with 2 years warranty.

Bajaj New Shakti

Bajaj New Shakti

Bajaj New Shakti is available for purchase with a 10, 15, and 25 liters water storage tank. The 10-liter variant costs around 6000 Rs. The 15 and 25-liter capacity model of the New Shakti geyser is available for purchase for around 6400 and 7700 Rs. Interestingly, New Shakti consumes lower power (2000-watt) than the instant geysers we’ve shared above. Because of its low power consumption, New Shakti has received a 4-star energy rating. This geyser is powered by Swirl Flow and Titanium Armour technologies and it is IPX4 certified. It features an adjustable thermostat. Its weight is 8.7 kilograms.

AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-015

AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-015

VAS-X-015 boasts a 5-star energy rating and it is available with 15 liters and a 25 liters storage tank. This AO Smith geyser consumes 2000-watt power and has a corrosion-resistant metal outer body. It is one of the best-looking geysers on this list. Its other features are the same as the other AO Smith geyser we’ve shared above i.e. alloy tank, glass coated heating element, etc. VAS-X-015 weighs 11.8 kilograms. The manufacturer offers 7 years warranty on its tank, 3 years warranty on the heating element.

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