6 Best lawn mowers under 300 dollars

Are you looking for the best lawn mowers under $300? Here we’ve shared six great mowers you can buy online for below 300 USD. Why mow a lawn? Well, if you don’t mow the lawn, your neighbor might fight with you. According to Q13Fox, a crazy man had set the neighbors house on fire for the same reason. Not mowing your lawn might also get you fined. There are reports of people being fined hundreds of dollars for letting the grass grow in their yard.

Let’s forget about fights and fines. Let’s think about safety. You may know that reptiles such as snakes, scorpions, lizards are always attracted to gardens. Imagine that the grass in the lawn has grown 8 inches, and a poisonous snake has taken shelter in your yard. The snake may bite your dog, cat, or anyone who comes near it.

Cutting the grass with scissors or using a mower, which technique is better? No matter how big or small the lawn is, trimming the grass with garden scissors is a bad idea. If you trim the grass with the scissor, the beautiful yard would look ugly unless you’ve cut the grass evenly. Here are the best cheap lawn mowers you can buy for below 300 USD:

Best lawn mowers under $300

Greenworks 40v

Greenworks 40v lawn mower

This lawnmower by Greenworks boasts a steel deck and functions for up to 45 minutes when you charge its 4 A battery fully. According to its manufacturer, 40v is ideal for gardens or yards of up to 21000 square feet. The battery of 40v charges in 2 hours. 40v ships with a single lever to adjust the cutting height. It can cut grass up to 1-inch. The maximum supported cutting height is 3 inches. 40v’s weight is 17 kilograms. It supports three modes – mulching, bagging, side discharge and comes with three years warranty. 40v costs under 250 dollars.

Craftsman M105

Crasftsman M105

The above lawn mover is of the electric type. M105 is a gas-powered lawnmower you can buy for under 300 dollars. It is ten bucks costlier than 40v and contains a 140cc OHV engine. It also features a recoil and choke system. M105 supports six height settings and has 7-inch front tires and 8 inch rear tires which are durable, according to Craftsman. M105 weighs 8.9 kilograms only, and it comes with two years warranty. It is a bit old-fashioned but does the job really well.


WORX WG770 lawnmower

WG779 is an excellent alternative to Craftsman M105 and Greenworks 40v. It is a battery-operated lawnmower below 300 dollars with six height settings. It contains a lever for adjusting the height and has a full bag indicator so that you don’t have to stop your work to check whether the bag is full or not. WG779 supports two operations – bagging and mulching. It features a 4.0 Ah battery and a battery indicator that shows the remaining battery charge. WORX WG779 weighs 12.9 kilograms only. According to its manufacturer, WG779 is ideal for mowing yards having an area of up to 5000 square feet.

Greenworks 25022

Greenworks 25022 lawnmower under 200 dollars

25022 is the best lawnmower under 200 dollars you can currently buy. Like its sibling i.e Greenworks 40v, 25022 works on battery power, but unlike 40v, which has been built for large gardens/lawns, 25022 is designed to mow small yards. Greenworks 25022 features a 12 Amp motor and supports mulching/bagging/discharging. It has a lever to change height settings and a 21-inch deck built with durable steel. This lawnmower weighs 25 kilograms.


BLACK + DECKER BEMW213 lawn mower

BEMW213 is another excellent budget lawnmower you can buy for below 200 dollars. It is self-propelled and ships with a slightly powerful 13 AMP motor. BEMW213 features six height settings and a plastic body. It comes with a 20-inch mower deck and contains winged blades. BEMW213 flaunts a button to start/stop the motor and has a lever for adjusting the cutting height. BLACK + DECKER BEMW213 weighs 20.9 kilograms.

Sun Joe 24V-X2-21LM

Sun Joe 24V-X2-21LM

A lightweight lawn mower under 300 dollars, 24V-X2-21LM has a brushless 900-watt motor and a large grass collection bag. 24V-X2-21LM features two 4 Ah lithium-ion batteries and has a lever to adjust the mowing height. This lawnmower has a mowing/cutting width of 20 inches. It ships with dual-port chargers that will fully charge the mower’s battery in less than 2 hours. The width of the Sun Joe 24V-X2-21LM mower is 23.4-inch, and the height is 16.5-inch.

Note: The above lawnmowers come in an unassembled state. You’ll have to assemble the parts by yourself by referring to the manual the company ships with the lawnmower.

Closing words:

So these were the 5 best lawnmowers under 300 dollars you can purchase right now. The 5 devices we’ve shared above have a 4.0+ rating out of 5.0. They carry a warranty of more than a year and are easy to operate. They are strong and support multiple cutting heights.

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