8 Best microwave ovens under 10000 Rs

Microwave ovens are good alternatives to electric stoves as they have a lid that traps the heat inside the oven to make sure that the meal is cooked/baked/grilled properly. They can cook food faster without wasting a lot of power. If you purchase frozen food often, using the traditional water method of defrosting can waste time. An oven has a defrost function built-in.

One more reason why microwave ovens are useful is that you may have come across some recipes that require you to cook the food for a particular time or recipes that require baking. If you use a gas stove or an electric stove, you’ll have to be in front of the stove till the food is cooked. Ovens come with an option to set a time for which you want the oven to function. While the oven is cooking/grilling/baking your meal, you can do some other work.

Microwave ovens are of three types – solo, grill, convection. They are available for purchase at various price tags. Solo ovens are cheaper compared to grill or convection ones. Convection microwave ovens are expensive compared to solo or grill ovens. Below, we’ve shared the top grill/convection ovens below 10000 Rs:

Best microwave ovens under 10000 Rs

Bajaj MTBX 2016

Bajaj MTBX 2016

The MTBX oven by Bajaj is priced under 5000 Rs and has a 20-liter capacity. With a rating of 4.3, it is one of the best-rated grilling ovens in India. MTBX has mechanical knobs to adjust the power level and time (up to 30 minutes). It can consume 700 to 1200 Watts of power. According to Bajaj, you can use MTBX for grilling, defrosting, or cooking food. This Bajaj microwave oven’s dimensions are 20.9 x 15.7 x 9.13 inches.

Godrej GMX 519

Godrej GMX 519

GMX 519 is the cheapest convection microwave oven on our list. It has a lower capacity than other ovens we’ve shared here (19L) and buttons instead of a membrane keypad. GMX 510 features a 120+ auto cook menu and has a child lock system. Its cavity is built using stainless steel. Godrej GMX 519 comes with a starter kit and features a digital display, a button to adjust the clock, two buttons to change the mode, etc. The weight of this Godrej microwave oven is 15 kilograms.

Samsung CE73JD-B/XTL

Samsung CE73JD-B/XTL.jpg microwave oven under 10000

CE73JD-B/XTL is a convection-type microwave oven under 10000 Rs with an excellent design and multiple useful features. This oven has a child lock system and timer buttons that will make the oven work for 10 seconds, 1 minute, or 10 minutes. It has a dedicated button to increase the baking/cooking time by 30 seconds and a membrane-based touch keypad. Samsung CE73JD-B/XTL has a capacity of 21 liters. Its interior features scratch-resistant ceramic material which has some anti-bacterial properties. According to Samsung, CE73JD-B/XTL can cook for up to 100 hours. This Samsung microwave oven supports 6 power levels and has a maximum power output of 2350-watts. Its weight is 15.5 kilograms.


LG MH2044DB - microwave ovens under 10000

MH2044DB by LG is a grill microwave oven under 10000 Rs equipped with a Quartz heater powered by Intellowave technology. Its weight is 13.6 kilograms, and its capacity is 20 liters. It features 52 preset modes of cooking and a touch keypad. The oven supports five power levels. MH2044DB can work in energy-saving mode. It contains a child lock function and has an anti-bacterial cavity that ensures healthy meals. MH2044DB’s dimensions are 17.9 x 10.2 x 13.3 inches. LG ships a microwave startup kit with this oven. The kit comprises a serving bowl, idli stand, curry bowl, spoon, and spatula.

AmazonBasics AB2019002

AmazonBasics AB2019002 - best microwave ovens under 10000 Rs

AB2019002 by Amazon is one of the cheapest convection microwave ovens in India. It costs under 9000 Rs and has a higher capacity than the LG, Bajaj, and Samsung ovens we’ve shared above. AB2019002 ships with 60+ cooking modes, pre-heat function, auto defrost function, and a child lock option. AmazonBasics AB2019002 supports up to 5 power levels. It starts within 30 seconds and is easy to clean. AB2019002 weighs 15.8 kilograms. It is ideal for baking, cooking, grilling, and defrosting.



IFB’s 20BC4 microwave oven is a good alternative to AmazonBasics AB2019002, LG MH2044DB, Samsung CE73JD-B/XTL, and Bajaj MTBX 2016. It features membrane keypads, an LED display, stainless steel cavity, etc. It supports 10 power levels and the same number of temperature levels. 20BC4 comes with 71 auto cook menus and supports these cool functions – auto reheat, steam cleaning, multi-stage cooking, and deodorizing. 20BC4 has a good capacity of 20L and it consumes 1200 to 2000-watts of power. It has an overheating protection function. The weight of this IFB microwave oven under 10000 Rs is 16 kilograms.

Samsung MC28H5013AK/TL

Samsung MC28H5013AK/TL

Priced around 10000 Rs, this Samsung convection microwave oven has a good capacity of 28 liters and features that you’ll not find in the above ovens. For example, MC28H5013AK/TL ships with a fermentation function through which you can prepare batter or yogurt any time of the day. It can also create tandoor-like conditions by increasing the temperature up to 200 degrees. Like Samsung CE73JD-B/XTL, MC28H5013AK/TL has a ceramic interior. MC28H5013AK/TL can consume up to 1400-watts of power. Its weight 17.5 kilograms and dimensions are 20.3 x 23.07 x 14.6 inches. MC28H5013AK/TL has dedicated keypad buttons to change the mode (convection or grill), enable the child lock system, activate the deodorization function, etc.

Panasonic NN-SM25JBFDG

Panasonic NM-SM25JBFDG

NN-SM25JBFDG is a top-rated Panasonic microwave oven priced around 5000 Rs. It has 20 liters capacity and flaunts a round mechanical switch to adjust the power level. It supports these 5 power levels – max, medium, defrost, warm, and low. This microwave oven also includes a 35 minutes mechanical timer. The outer part of SM25JBFDG is built using stainless steel, and the cavity is made using epoxy. SM25JBFDG weighs 10.5 kilograms. The maximum power it can consume is 800-watt.

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