8 Best mixer grinder under 2000 Rs

A mixer grinder is a vital household item/kitchen appliance. If you don’t buy it, you or your wife will have to grind chilies, coriander, nuts, etc with a stone grinder. Also, some dishes such as dosa, idli, paneer require you to grind coconuts, rice flour, tomatoes, onions, etc. It is impossible to grind tomatoes with a traditional stone grinder as the tomato juice will spill out. Well, the stone grinding method is conventional, but it wastes time. Imagine guests have arrived at your place, and you ask them to dine/ have lunch at your place. The guests agree, but they ask you to be quick. If you don’t have a mixer, you’ll have to either borrow a mixer from the neighbor or grind the ingredients with a stone grinder. The price of mixers in India starts at 1000 Rs. The mixers may cost up to 10000 Rs. Today, we’ve shared the best mixer grinders under 2000 Rs you can buy in India:

Best mixer grinders under 2000 Rs

Bajaj Rex

bajaj rex

The Rex mixer by Bajaj is the best-selling mixer grinder below 2K Rs. It has a powerful 2000 RPM 500-Watt motor and has a 2-kilogram weight. Rex ships with three jars – 1.2 liters, 0.8 L, and 0.3l jars and it supports three speeds. According to Bajaj, the body of the Rex mixer is waterproof. The Rex mixer grinder carries a year’s warranty.

Lifelong Power Pro

lifelong power pro

The Lifelong company was established in 1985. It has launched various appliances for home use. One of the best-selling items of Lifelong is the Power Pro mixer. Power Pro contains a 500 Watt motor. It features an overload protection system and a 3-speed knob. This mixer grinder is 500 Rs cheaper than Bajaj Rex, and it boasts an ISI rating. LIfelong offers three stainless steel jars to the buyers of Power Pro at no extra cost. The mixer grinder by Lifelong doesn’t come with a lifetime warranty. Its manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty to the buyers of this mixer.

Bajaj GX-1

bajaj gx 1

GX-1 costs Rs 50/40 more than Rex, but it has a different design. For example, GX-1 features wider airflow holes to discard hot air. This Bajaj mixer grinder under 2000 Rs contains a 20K rpm motor of a 500-watt power rating. Like Rex, GX-1 ships with three stainless steel jars (1.25L, 0.8L, 0.3L) equipped with stainless steel blades. GX-1 supports three speeds and has a 2.8 kilograms weight.

Maharaja Whiteline MG Livo

maharaja whiteline mg livo - mixer grinders under 2000 Rs

MG Livo sports a 20000 RPM 500-Watt motor, and it comes with 1L, 0.7L, 0.3L jars. It has an anti-slip design and a 3-speed knob. According to Maharaja Whiteline, MG Livo can work for 30 minutes continuously. The motor is the key and most expensive component of a mixer grinder. Maharaja Whiteline offers a good warranty of 2 years on the motor of MG Livo.

Cookwell Bullet

cookwell bullet - best mixer grinder under 2000

Didn’t hear the brand Cookwell before? Well, Cookwell is a company that has been manufacturing juicers, mixer grinders, etc for the last 25 years. Its Bullet MG has a compact design. It features a 450-Watt motor and has a 2.6-kilogram weight. Cookwell Bullet comes with two blades and three jars. Each jar has a transparent cover, and it boasts a millimeters unit i.e. 100ml, 200ml, 300ml, etc.

Butterfly Hero

butterfly hero

Butterfly Hero looks better than RX-1, Rex, MG Livo, and Bullet. With a 3.2 kilogram weight, it is also the heaviest mixer grinder on our list. It comes with a 500-Watt 17000 RPM motor and two years warranty. Butterfly ships Hero mixer grinder with a 1L, 0.75, 0.3-liter jar.

Havells Capture 500

Havells Capture 500

Capture 500 by Havells features a robust 500-watt motor, and it comes with 800/400/1.5 liter stainless steel jars. The jars have a 304-grade steel blade and are sturdy. The motor has a speed of 21000 RPM and comes with five years warranty. It is accompanied by an Air Channelization system which increases the motor’s life, according to Havells. Havells Capture 500 supports three speeds. This mixer’s weight is 5.8 kilograms and it was launched in 2020.

The mixer grinders we’ve shared above have good ratings, an excellent design, and have a year warranty. Buy one of them if you’re looking for the best mixer grinder under 2000 Rs.

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