7 Best pulse oximeters in India

A decrease in blood oxygen level is dangerous. Many people who get infected with Coronavirus have low SpO2 levels. Once the oxygen level in the blood drops below average level and you don’t visit a doctor, the oxygen level might drop further, leading to organ damage or even death.

Low SpO2 levels can be due to various reasons. At the present time, in addition to fever, the low oxygen level in the blood is a symptom of coronavirus infection. Thus, along with thermometers, it won’t be a bad idea to keep a pulse oximeter at home.

Where can you buy an oximeter? You can purchase an oximeter at a nearby medical store or online. Online is a better option because you can see the ratings and read reviews of products before buying them. Which oximeter should you buy? Here are the best pulse oximeters by trusted brands you can purchase in India for a price starting at 1500:

Best pulse oximeter in India

Beurer PO-30

beurer po 30 - pulse oximeter under 2500 Rs

Beurer is one of the best pulse oximeter brands in India. Its PO-30 oximeter was manufactured in Germany and is one of the highest-rated devices on our list. Its rating is 4.3/5. Beurer pulse oximeter comes with five years warranty. It can not only detect and display blood oxygen levels but can also check the heart rate.

Beurer PO-30 boasts a color display. You can change the color display format and adjust the display brightness. PO-30 can shut down automatically, and it can also warn the user if the battery is about to get discharged. The weight of the Beurer pulse oximeter is below 60 grams, and it is priced under 3500 Rs.

Dr Trust A310

dr trust a310 - pulse oximeter under 4000 Rs

Like Beurer, Dr Trust is one of the top pulse oximeter brands. Its A310 oximeter has not only good ratings but also looks great. A310 is a water-resistant device. Thus, A310 won’t get damaged if water spills on it accidentally. Weighing just 78 grams, A310 flaunts a bright and colored display that shows oxygen saturation levels, pulse rate in BPM format, etc. According to Dr Trust, the display is rotatable, and it shows accurate readings. According to the manufacturer Dr Trust, A310 has long battery life. A310 is expensive compared to Beurer PO-30, and it is the best pulse oximeter under 4000 Rs.

Dr Vaku BM1000

dr vaku bm1000

DR VAKU’s BM1000 is cheaper than Dr Trust A310 and Beurer PO-30. This pulse oximeter is priced around 2000 Rs and has a multidirectional rotating display that shows the pulse rate, pulse wave, SpO2 level, etc. It shows the reading within 6 seconds of the sensor coming in contact with the person’s finger. The display of the BM1000 pulse oximeter supports two colors. It is of OLED type. BM1000 enables users to adjust the OLED display’s brightness with the help of a button. Its weight is 60 grams only. It was introduced in India in 2020 and has a 1-year warranty.

Meditive M130-MPO3

meditive m130 mpo3

M130-MP03 can show 100% SpO2 values. This pulse oximeter ships with a buzzer that is water-resistant. It also comes with a visual alarm system which will be activated if the device detects abnormal readings. Meditive M130-MPO3 has an auto power-off/power-on function. It carries a 1-year warranty and weighs 90 grams.

According to Meditive, you can trust M130-MPO3 as the readings it shows on the screen is accurate. Like the above pulse oximeter, M130-MPO3 features an OLED display that supports two colors. Meditive has launched many oximeters in India. M130-MPO3 is its highest-rated and best-selling product.

Choicemmed MD300CN340

choicemmed md300cn340

The MD300CN340 pulse oximeter is an FDA & CE-approved device. It is a great device to keep an eye on the pulse rate and blood oxygen levels. MD300CN340 ships with an OLED display that supports six colors and ten brightness levels. What does the OLED display show? Pulse rate, battery level, SpO2 level, and pulse wave. You can adjust the brightness as per your requirement by pressing a button. MD300CN340’s weight is 55 grams, and it generates a reading within 5 seconds.

Hesley PC-60F

hesley pc 60f

The PC-60F pulse oximeter was manufactured in Hong Kong and was launched in India in 2020. It has 4 primary functions – blood oxygen monitoring, perfusion index detection, displaying pulse wave, pulse rate detection. Hesley PC-60F can save up to 12 readings and has visual/audio alarm system. This device has an OLED rotating & multi-directional display. PC-60F can generate readings within 8 seconds. It is water-resistant (can survive when water is accidentally spilled on it) and has 70 grams weight, and an auto shut down function.

HealthSense Accu-Beat FP 910

HealthSense Accu-beat FP 910

A good alternative to the above six pulse oximeters, FP 910 has high-performance sensors for accurate readings and is enabled with Optical Detection technology. It contains a high-grade silicone chamber and OLED dual color display, which adjusts the screen orientation automatically. FP 910’s weight is below 80 grams. Its dimensions are 55 x 29 x 34 centimeters. HealthSense FP 910 has an auto-sleep mode function that gets triggered after 8 seconds of inactivity and features a single button for controlling the modes. FP 910 can also play alert tones.

The seven pulse oximeters we’ve shared above have excellent ratings. They’re easy to use. You have to put your fingertip in the oximeter and press the “measure” button. When the device detects your pulse rate, SpO2 levels, etc, it will display the same.

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