7 Best thermometers in India

India has been severely affected by the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic. Hundreds of people are dying every day, and at the time of writing this article, 300k+ new coronavirus cases are being detected each day. Fever is one of the symptoms of coronavirus infection.

To make sure the symptoms don’t elevate and destroy your immunity, it is vital to watch the body parameters. For example, you should check the body temperature if you’re feeling sick or weak. One can detect high-grade fever by touching the person, but what about low-grade fever? Low-grade fever can be difficult to predict or detect with the hand. Also, doctors advise people to stay at least 6 feet away from people (whether they are showing/having symptoms of coronavirus or not). Thus it’s not wise to ask a family member to touch your body and check if you’re having a fever or not.

To check body temperature, you should use a thermometer. Thermometers are of two types – contact and non-contact (infrared). The contact thermometers must be in contact with the body. The infrared thermometers don’t require the person to be in contact with the thermometer.

Where can you buy a thermometer? As you might know, most states have imposed restrictions. Even though medical stores are allowed to function throughout the day or until noon, there’s no guarantee that thermometers will be available for purchase in the nearby medical store. Instead of visiting a nearby store, why not purchase a thermometer online? The delivery personnel will keep the package containing your digital thermometer in front of your door and will either call you or knock on your door. Which thermometer should you buy? Here are the best infrared and digital thermometers you can purchase in India:

Best thermometers in India

Vandelay Infrared

vandelay infrared

This non-contact thermometer has a sensor that carries three years warranty and has buttons to change the mode, settings, etc. It has been manufactured in India. Vandelay thermometer contains a high-definition LED screen that will display the temperature in a nice font. According to the manufacturer, this infrared thermometer can save up to 32 readings. When used correctly, it has a very small error margin. For accurate readings, the measuring distance should be less than or equal to 2 inches. This device can play a sound when it detects high body temperature. Vandelay is one of the best infrared thermometers under 2000 Rs in India.

Omron MC 246

omron mc 246 - best thermometer under 500 Rs

Omron had launched the MC 246 thermometer under 500 Rs in 2017. It is one of the best-selling thermometers in India. MC 246 is ideal for oral, rectal, and underarm temperature measurements. It comes with a 1-year warranty and can accurately detect temperatures within 32 to 42 degrees celsius. MC 246 can turn itself off within 30 minutes from the time it was last used. If you turn this digital thermometer on and don’t use it for 3 minutes, MC 246 will turn itself off. This thermometer can show previous readings. It has an alarm function built-in which will trigger/play a sound when the thermometer detects high temperature. It has an LCD screen, a button to turn on/off the thermometer, etc.

Omron MC 720

omron mc 720 - best infrared thermometers in India

MC 720 is Omron’s best-selling infrared thermometer under 2500 Rs in India. It was launched in 2014 and is an excellent alternative to Vandelay Infrared. The sensor of MC 720 comes with a 1-year warranty, and according to Omron, MC 720 can show the correct temperature within 1 second. This thermometer can detect the room, surface, or forehead temperature. It has a backlight system, a button to switch from Fahrenheit reading to Celsius reading, and a 25 readings memory.

DOYO thermometer

doyo - best thermometers in India

The sensor of this digital thermometer has been built in Japan. DOYO is one of the latest products on our list. It was launched in 2019. This device comes with a low battery/high-temperature alarm system. It enables you to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit modes. Like Omron’s digital thermometer, DOYO can automatically turn off when it is on and is not being used. The weight of this DOYO thermometer is below 50 grams, and the price is below 300 Rs.

xiTix Infrared thermometer

xitix infrared thermometer

xiTix is yet another popular infrared thermometer in India. It was introduced in 2020 and costs under 1500 Rs. Thus, it is one of India’s lightest and cheapest infrared thermometers. xiTix ships with an LCD, and it shows the current reading in big numbers. xiTix’s weight is below 250 grams, and it can show readings within 1.5 seconds you press the measure button and move the thermometer 1 to 2 inches near the forehead. xiTix comes with a fever alarm system, and it can turn off automatically to save battery power.

Dr Trust 610

Dr Trust 610

Dr Trust 610 is a no-contact thermometer priced below 2000. It boasts a trigger button and a screen. When you press the button and move the thermometer near the person, Dr Trust 610 will show the body temperature on the screen. Dr Trust 610 features an LCD display and has an excellent response time of 10000 ms. It supports two modes – person and object. Thus, you can check the temperature of a person or a thing with this infrared thermometer. This thermometer has a memory call button and a button to change the reading from Fahrenheit to Celsius. It supports two AAA size batteries and weighs 700 grams only.

Healthsense Accu-Scan LFR30B

Healthsense LFR30B

One of the latest thermometers in India is Accu-Scan LFR30B. Manufactured and introduced by HealthSense in 2021, LFR30B can convert the reading from Celsius to Fahrenheit format, and it can change the color of the screen automatically to indicate high/normal fever. If the screen color is green, the body temperature is normal and if the color is red or yellow, the body temperature is above normal. LFR30B features distance and infrared sensors. According to HealthSense, the sensors are manufactured in Germany, and LFR30B can show the temperature within 10000 milliseconds. LFR30B has the option to mute or unmute the sound and memory recall function. It enables users to clear the memory.

An infrared/digital thermometer is one of the things that you must keep in the house during the time of the pandemic. The above digital/infrared thermometers have good ratings and are cheap. They are accurate as well.

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