5 Best UPS for WiFi router in India

One of the problems you can face with a router is that when there’s a power cut at your place, you won’t be able to use the broadband connection. Imagine you have a broadband connection and a laptop that can work for 4 hours on battery power. The WAN cable is connected to the router. You’re working on an important online project or have joined a video conference, and suddenly there’s a power outage in your city. Unless you have a mobile data plan, you will have to cease your work until the power supply is restored. To fix the problem or to avoid this situation, you can buy one of the router UPS systems we’ve covered below:

Best UPS for router in India

Zinq ZQ-6600

Zinq ZQ-6600 Router UPS

Weighing just 245 grams and priced below 1500 Rs, ZQ-6600 is a great budget UPS for a router. ZQ-6600 contains a 6000 mAh lithium-ion battery, and it features short circuit prevention + protection system. This Zinq router UPS has a max output power of 12 volts. It has a USB port for smartphone/tablet connectivity and charging. It features a smart charging system that ensures that the UPS battery will be charged each time the user switches on the power supply. Zinq ZQ-6600 offers 4 hours battery backup. So, your router will work for up to 4 hours, which is great. ZQ-6600 comes with a 1-year warranty and is certified by BIS, CE, and RoHS. ZQ-6600 dimensions are 0.9 x 2.36 x 4.33 inch.

Resonate CRU12V2A

Resonate CRU12V2A UPS for router

CRU12V2A by Resonate is 700 Rs costlier than ZQ-6600 and has a better rating (4.4+). Is Resonate a good brand? Yes, the company claims to have sold 250k router backup solutions to date. CRU12VA contains three lithium ION batteries, each of 2000 mAh capacity and weighs 395 grams. You can mount it on the wall or furniture. CRU12V2A runs on RouterOS and lasts for 4 hours when you charge it. According to Resonate, you can use it continuously for 24 hours as the router UPS has an intelligent charging system. CRU12V2 supports all top WiFi routers you can buy in India. Resonate offers a 1-year warranty on it.

Cuzor Mini UPS

Cuzor Mini UPS router

Cuzor Mini is yet another top WiFi router UPS you can buy for below 2000 Rs. It can keep 12-Volt routers functional for 4 hours during power outages. Curzor Mini comes with overheating protection system. It also includes an over-charging prevention function. Cuzor Mini is powered by Zero Lag Switching technology and features an LED indicator. Its weight is 180 grams, and its dimensions are 3.1 x 3.14 x 0.9 inches. Cuzor Mini has a 2600 mAh lithium battery. It has an excellent rating (4.5/4).

Oakter Mini UPS

Oakter Mini UPS for router

Oakter Mini is a good alternative to Resonate CRU12V2A, Cuzor Mini, and Zinq ZQ-6600. This UPS for WiFi router looks good and is priced below 1500 Rs. Oakter Mini offers 20 minutes to 2 hours of battery backup with its 3 AA size lithium-ion BIS-certified cells. Why lower battery backup? According to Oakter, the backup depends on the power used by the router. Mini’s battery will not last long if the router consumes too much power. This router UPS comes with multiple connectors. Its weight and dimensions are 300 grams and 3.5 x 3.20 x 1 inch. Oakter had launched it in 2020.


SRRK TJ12V1V5 UPS for router

TJ12V1V5 is the cheapest UPS for routers on our list. It features a light-changing LED indicator and offers up to 4 hours of backup power to a compatible router (12V/2A type). TJ12V1V5 employs the Zero Lag Switching function, ensuring that the internet/WiFi connection isn’t interrupted during power cuts. It contains an 18 Whr battery. SRRK TJ12V1V5 was introduced in 2020 and weighs 300 grams. TJ12V1V5 ships with a battery overcharge/discharge protection system. It is compact (4.7 x 2.36 x 1.3 inches dimension) and carries a 1-year warranty.

V-Guard Envibe 12D4

VGuard Envibe 12D4

The Envibe 12D4 UPS router by V-Guard features an A-Grade cell, and it employs the following three protection systems for the user’s/device’s safety:

  • Over-discharge protection.
  • Protection circuit module.
  • Overcharge protection system.

12D4 supports 12V routers, and it can keep the router operational for up to 5 hours during a power failure or outage. You can use Envibe 12D4 with CCTV cameras, modems, VOIP phones, or any other electronic devices with a power rating of 2A. The weight of the 12D4 UPS is 420 grams, and it costs under 2000 Rs. Its dimensions are 100 x 100 x 50 millimeters. V-Guard had launched 12D4 in December 2021.

In addition to routers, you can use the above devices to power your DTH set-top box, CCTV camera, intercom, etc.

So these were the top power backups for routers you can buy right now. The UPS systems we’ve shared above are manufactured in India and they cost within 1200 to 2100 Rs. They are small, durable, and compact. Purchase one of them if you have a router and there is a frequent power outage in your area.

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