BigBasket vs JioMart: Which online grocery shopping app is better?

The Indian grocery market is huge. People in cities and villages buy groceries worth millions of dollars every day. Many people nowadays buy groceries from an online store rather than purchasing groceries from a nearby shop. The reason for the same is the discount. No matter what product you choose, there will always be a difference between the price of the product on an online store and the price of the same product available in an offline brick-and-mortar store. JioMart and BigBasket are India’s leading online grocery sellers. BigBasket was one of the first companies to sell groceries online. It was established in 2011. JioMart was launched in 2019. Tata Sons had bought a majority stake of BB in 2021. 61% of BigBasket is now owned by Tata Digital Limited. Reliance is in the retail and grocery selling business since 2006. The company had opened its first-ever retail store in 2006 and has over 1200 retail stores across the country.

Is JioMart better than BigBasket? Which company offers more discounts and delivers products quickly? Below, we’ve compared the two online grocery stores:

JioMart vs BigBasket


You can buy groceries online with the BigBasket website or app. The interface of the web and mobile versions of the application is beautiful. On the home interface, these two companies display the latest offers and new products that these two companies have started to sell on their platform. When it comes to performance, I have never been disappointed with the BigBasket application to date. Reliance JioMart app’s interface looks good but the application doesn’t offer a great experience at times.

Offers and discount

JioMart and BigBasket sell groceries, fruits, vegetables, and many other day-to-day use items at a discounted price. Sometimes, the price of products on JioMart is on the lower side and sometimes, BigBasket sells items at a much cheaper rate than that of JioMart. BB partners with various banks and offer a discount on a purchase of X Rs and when the payment is made with the bank’s credit/debit card. Sometimes, Bigbasket also provides discounts on payments made with wallet applications. In BigBasket, you’ll also find discounts/cashback multiple banks are willing to provide. On JioMart, only 1 bank may offer cashback/discount when you transact with their card.

Product reviews

You cannot read product reviews on JioMart nor you can rate any item. It can difficult to order something which has been launched a company which isn’t well known. BigBasket features a rating/review system. When customers purchase anything from BB, they can rate each item they’ve purchased.

Product delivery

While Jio claims to deliver the product quickly, BigBasket enables users to choose the time ranges between which they would like the products to be delivered by the BigBasket staff. The time slots can be on the same day or on any other day of your choice. No matter what time slot you choose, the items you have ordered will be delivered on time. JioMart will deliver anything you buy from them for free. The company doesn’t ask you to purchase items worth X rs.

Membership program

BigBasket has launched a membership program called bbStar. The subscription fee for this membership is 299 Rs for 6 months. When you buy the membership, you will get 100 Rs cashback on every order for 3 months. BigBasket will deliver your order even if the total transaction value is Rs 199. Non bbSstar members must place an order worth 600 Rs to get the products delivered for free. JioMart has not launched any membership program yet. How can you get bbStar membership for free? Times Prime subscription plan includes a free subscription to various online services including bbStar, ZEE5, SonyLiv, etc.

Closing words: JioMart and BigBasket not only provide great discounts on groceries but also deliver products on time. Which app you should use? You should install both applications on your phone. Before ordering a product, check the price on the app apps and buy from the store that is selling the product for a lower rate.

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  1. Big Basket is much more advanced and mature in online grocery business, the freedom to choose our time slot and freedom to change it anytime , the delivery person verify each item on delivery and confirm all items delivered, in case of missing item or spoiled product, the refund happens immediately, and the entire thing is automated on their chat bot, JioMart on other hand is not providing any such services, no freedom to choose time slot, no update on exact delivery date, no refund system , no provision to check if any missing item,

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