Bluetooth Speakers vs Soundbar vs Home Theaters

So, you’re looking for a music system for your home, office, or to carry around but you’re confused between these three devices – BT Speaker, soundbar, and a home theater. Below we’ve compared these three music systems so that you can decide which system is best for you – Bluetooth speakers, home theaters, or soundbar.

Bluetooth speakers vs home theaters vs soundbars


Home theaters can be big in size. The soundbar is thin but long. BT speakers are compact in size and have a rechargeable battery. As they’re small in size and have a battery, you can carry a Bluetooth speaker anywhere you want. Some companies have launched soundbars with batteries. Frankly speaking, adding a battery to a soundbar doesn’t make sense because of the bar’s design. You won’t find a home theater with a lithium-ion or a lithium-polymer battery.

Connectivity and battery

The Bluetooth speakers support Bluetooth connectivity. The battery takes some time to get fully charged. When you charge the battery, you can listen to songs for 10 to 12 straight hours. The soundbars/home theaters support wired connectivity. Some companies have also launched wireless variants of the soundbars and home theaters. The wireless soundbars/home theater systems are not as popular as Bluetooth Speakers.


Home theaters may offer the best sound/music experience as they have sophisticated speakers powered by surround sound technology. The quality of Bluetooth speaker sound would be nice but unlike home theaters, they may not offer a great experience at loud volumes.


You can connect multiple Bluetooth speakers with each other. When you do so, all speakers will play music/sound in sync. You cannot connect home theaters or soundbars with a home theater or a soundbar.


Although you can connect a Bluetooth speaker to a smart TV, this pairing will look odd if the speaker’s design is not square or rectangle. Soundbar or home theater will look good with a television. It won’t be wrong to say that they’re designed to work with televisions.


Budget home theaters have a total sound output of 200 to 600 Watt. BT speakers have a sound output of up to 60-watt. Soundbars have a total sound output of up to 200 watts. 600-Watt home theater is available for purchase online at 130 USD. It will cost more if the company is Harman Kardon, Bose, etc. You can buy a BT speaker or soundbar at a similar/lower/higher price. The price of BT speakers depends on the sound output and battery capacity. A speaker with better sound output + higher capacity battery will cost more than BT speakers with lower sound output + low capacity battery.

Is there an alternative to the BT speakers, soundbars, home theaters? Yes. The earphone is the best alternative to Bluetooth speakers, soundbar, and home theaters. The price of earphones starts at $10. If you purchase expensive $100+ earphones, you’ll be in heaven each time you listen to songs. Is there a disadvantage? Yes, only 1 person can use an earphone at a time. Other members of the family will have to wait for their turn. If you don’t like socializing or only you in your family love music, you can purchase an earphone instead of a home theater, speaker, or a soundbar.

From the above paragraphs, one can conclude that BT speakers are suitable for people who travel a lot, party outdoors, etc. Home theaters will make your living room or any other room a mini theater. Hence, they’re suitable for people who love watching movies at home with their families. A soundbar is a great device for people who are unhappy with their TV’s sound output.

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