How to get Amazon Prime free membership in India?

Amazon Prime is one of the top subscription programs in many countries. It had generated a revenue of around 19 billion dollars for Amazon in 2019. According to Wikipedia, 170+ million Amazon users across the world are currently signed up for Prime membership. In case you’re not aware, by subscribing to Prime, you can enjoy the following Amazon services:

Video: Amazon produces movies and web series and adds the same to its Prime Video library. It also purchases streaming rights for the latest movies, international web series, and streams them. You can watch these web series, movies, etc if you buy the Amazon Prime membership.

Music: Want to listen to songs on mobile, PC, TV for free? Want to download songs? The Prime Music service enables you to download or listen to local, English, regional songs in high quality on PC, phone, or tablet.

Delivery and early sale: Prime Members are given early access to deals that are a part of a sale before other users (non-Prime). If some products are offered at a mouth-watering discount, you can purchase the product quickly before it goes out of stock. Sometimes Amazon launches a sale for Prime members only. For example, the two-day Amazon Prime Day sale would start on July 26th and will end on the 27th of July. Only those users who have bought the quarterly or annual membership of Prime would be allowed to participate in the sale. What about delivery speed? Amazon promises faster delivery of products you buy.

Is the Amazon paid membership worth it? Yes, the premium plans of OTT services in India cost 900+ Rs. Amazon’s membership program which costs 999 Rs offers 3 to 4 services.

How to get the Prime membership for free?

You can get the membership for free if you use one of the following services:

Airtel prepaid, postpaid, or broadband

Airtel offers a free subscription to Amazon Prime service when you purchase one of these prepaid packs:

  • Rs 349.
  • Rs 299.

The 349 Rs pack not only offers the Amazon Prime subscription but also provides 2.5GB of data per day. This pack is valid for 28 days. The Rs 299 pack offers 30GB of data and its validity is 30 days.

Prepaid packs will offer one month of Amazon Prime membership. If you want to get a 1-year subscription, you can purchase one of the following Airtel postpaid or broadband plans:

TypePriceDataSMSNumber of Connections
Postpaid9991501001 Regular and 2 family add-ons.
Postpaid1599Unlimited1001 regular and 1 family add-on
Broadband999Unlimited at 200Mbps speed

Vi postpaid

Like Airtel, Vi also offers a 1-year Amazon Prime subscription on its 499, 699, and 1099 Rs postpaid plans. The 499 Rs pack offers 75GB of data. The other two packs offer unlimited data. Vi postpaid connections are available for 1 user only.

Jio postpaid or broadband

Jio was one of the first companies to bundle free subscriptions to OTT services with its plans. Its postpaid/fiber plans offer the most number of OTT subscriptions. If you subscribe to any of the company’s Postpaid plus or Fiber plans, you’ll get a free Amazon Prime 1-year membership. Here are the postpaid plans of Jio we’re talking about:

599100GB1 + 1 Additional SIM
799150GB1 + 2 Extra SIM
999200GB1 + 3 Extra SIM

In addition to the above postpaid packs, the Rs 999, 1499, 2499, and 3999 monthly and the annual 17988, 11988, 29988, 47988, and 101988 JIO Fiber plans offer the 1 year Amazon Prime membership at no extra cost.

Closing words

The best way to get a free Amazon Prime subscription is to recharge your phone number with the packs that offer the subscription. As you can see above, Jio, Airtel, and Vi have introduced a plan wherein they’ve offered Prime membership along with data. What if you don’t want to switch to postpaid? You can port your number from Jio or Vi to Airtel as it is the only company that offers the membership with its prepaid pack. If don’t want to switch, you can upgrade your existing postpaid/broadband plan.

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