Huawei E8372h-820 review: The best 4G WiFi dongle in India?

I had purchased the Huawei e8372h dongle in 2019 as a replacement for my WiFi router and broadband plan. I was unhappy with the service of my broadband service provider. Why I bought Huawei E8372h-820? Well, the E8372h dongle is an unlocked device. It is the best 4G dongle available in India. Reliance JIO and Airtel had launched a hotspot for people looking for portable mobile broadband connections. If you buy JIOFI, you can use the JIOFI only with the JIO Sims. The Aitel hotspot supports Airtel SIM cards only. Although you can use your phone as a hotspot, the phone’s battery will discharge quickly if you use it as a hotspot.

Huawei e8372h-820 LTE wingle review

How to use the Huawei LTE wingle?

E8372h-820 is a plug and play device. You should remove its cover and insert an Airtel, JIO, Vi SIM card and connect the dongle to the computer or laptop to browse the internet. The OS will automatically install the drivers for the modem.


Huawei E873h Mn

E8372H-820 is made up of plastic. It sports a Huawei branding, 3 led lights, and two external antenna ports. One LED bulb is for the network and the remaining two for WiFi and messages. The SMS LED light will be activated when you receive an SMS. The WiFi LED bulb will be activated when you turn on the WiFi connection. E8372H is a durable dongle. In the last two years, I have connected the dongle to my laptop over 600 times. The USB connector hasn’t loosened a bit.

Huawei E8732h Uncovered

When you uncover the Huawei E8372H dongle, you can see the IMEI, admin password of the device. You’ll also find a MicroSD slot, SIM card slot, and a small piece of PCB.

Network switch

If you insert a 4G SIM in the Huawei E8372h-820 LTE wingle and if the 4G network isn’t available, the dongle will try to connect to the 3G network. If the 3G connection isn’t possible, E8372h-820 will establish a 2G/GPRS connection. The LED bulb will emit a different color for 4G, 3G, and 2G connections.


E8732h has a built-in WiFi chip. You can activate the WiFi by logging in to the settings interface of this Huawei modem. According to Huawei, this dongle can handle up to 16 WiFi connections at a time.

Signal strength

The E8732h dongle’s WiFi coverage is excellent. The 4G/3G signal strength/speed depends on the location of the mobile tower, the ISP, and the network congestion. If the network isn’t heavily congested, you’ll enjoy good download/upload speed. If the network is congested, the 4G speed will be around 128 to 200 Kbps. If I don’t enable WiFi, the dongle doesn’t heat up much. However, if I turn on WiFi, the dongle will get hot within 20/30 minutes.

Administration interface

Huawei E8732h

To access the E8372h admin interface, you must enter in the browser’s address bar and press the enter key. Then, you should click the “login” link which is displayed at the top right corner, and enter the username and password. To see the password, remove the Huawei E8372h LTE wingle’s cover.

Huawei E8732h Admin

Once you enter the admin username and password and click the submit button, you can see the “Network statistics”, list of SMSes you’ve received, change the APN, enable data roaming, manually select the network, use MAC filter, change WiFi password, etc. The Huawei dongle’s admin GUI has the option to filter LAN IPs, enable the firewall, configure NAP/uPNP/DMZ/SIP ALG settings, manage virtual servers, etc.


The advantage of using an unlocked 4G dongle instead of a locked one is that you can use the SIM of any telecom service provider with it. Thus, if your JIO internet speed is low, instead of wasting time contacting the customer support of the company and waiting for them to fix the problem, you can replace the SIM.


The E8372h dongle can get hot when WiFi is active. This is the only problem you can face while using it.


E8372h 155/820/927 dongle is a good alternative to broadband service providers and other portable hotspots available in India. The dongle comes in an unlocked state. Hence, you can use the SIM card of any telecom operator you want.

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