Is Windows Defender good enough?

In 2006, Microsoft had introduced the first version of the Defender Security software. WD is an optional service that users can enable to keep their systems safe. It is by default enabled when you install and activate the operating system. For a few years, very few people trusted Defender software and relied heavily on third-party security or antivirus software such as Norton, McAfee, etc. Microsoft has unleashed several updates for Windows Defender in the last few years, and several antivirus testing agencies have given a thumbs up to the Microsoft software. Because of these two reasons, many people have started using WD instead of buying security software.

Is Windows Defender good enough or worth activating? To get an answer to this question, we must have a look at the features of the Windows Defender software.

5 Reasons why Windows defender is good security application

Microsoft Security Windows Defender


Windows Defender gets security/virus definition updates every day. If automatic updates are enabled on your PC, you don’t have to do anything as the Windows OS will get and install the updates automatically. Are Windows Defender updates large? No, the malicious software removal tool updates size may be up to 100 megabytes, but most of the security updates are minor, i.e., a few megabytes or kilobytes size. The malicious software removal tool is one of the critical modules of the OS. You can see the time at which WD database/files were last updated

Ransomware protection

In recent years, Ransomware has become a significant threat to Windows OS users. A system infected by ransomware prompts users to pay money whenever the user tries to access the files. If the files are important, you’ll have to hire a ransomware/security expert to fix the issue. If the files are unimportant, you can format the partitions created by the Windows OS and re-install the operating system. To make sure that you’re not a victim of ransomware attacks, you should activate the built-in ransomware protection function of the Windows Defender software.


Windows Defender schedules files scanning tasks automatically. Once it is done scanning files, it shows the number of files WD has scanned and the status of the scan operation. You can also run file scanning tasks manually with WD. Some antivirus slows down the PC when its scanner is running. WD doesn’t slow the computer.

Exploit protection

The exploit protection system of the Windows operating system protects a computer from malware. After ransomware, malware is a dreaded threat. Malware can corrupt files, steal data, etc. It can replicate itself and spread to other computers connected to the same network, or someone shares an infected file via USB drives such as a pen drive, external HDD, etc.


MS Windows ships with a pre-configured firewall. Apart from enabling the firewall if it is disabled, you don’t have to do anything on Windows 10/11 OS. The Windows firewall plays a vital role in keeping the system safe. When the firewall is running, you may be prompted to allow specific applications from accessing the network.

Memory integrity tests

Windows operating system runs several processes. Some of the processes are important to keep the system running or secure. A malicious application might insert its mode into the process and affect it. To prevent this on your Windows PC, you can enable Windows defender’s memory integrity test module.

Windows Defender is not the only software that protects your computer. The Edge browser, based on the Chromium browser, has many security features built-in. It can block trackers, malicious links, and potentially unwanted applications. Edge has a typosquatting function built-in. It is also enabled with the Windows Defender SmartScreen function, which will block downloads from harmful websites. You also have the option of installing browser security plugins available in the Chrome Web Store.

As you can see above, Windows Defender has everything required to keep the system safe. Is it good enough? Of course, it is.

Am I using WD? Yes, I’ve been using Windows 11 on my ThinkPad and only activated the Defender security system. I have not faced any security-related issues to date. I have no plans to purchase antivirus/security software because of the regular security updates the OS gets and the way Windows Defender protects my computer without negatively affecting its performance.

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