Nokia C20 Plus review

Nokia C20 Plus is a budget smartphone launched by Nokia in 2021. It is a Go edition Android device priced between 7999 to 8999. The Finnish phone manufacturer has introduced two variants of C20 Plus – one powered by 2GB RAM and another equipped with 3GB RAM. The storage memory specifications of the two devices are the same.

I purchased this phone after one that I was using earlier was stolen. Before buying, I had shortlisted three devices, Realme C11, Motorola E7 Power, and Xiaomi Redmi 9 Prime. I have used Xiaomi phones in the past and have owned a Motorola phone as well. I decided to give C20 Plus a shot. Below, I’ve shared my unbiased review of the Nokia C20 Plus phone.

Nokia C20 Plus review

Nokia C20 Plus review

First impressions

The Nokia C20 Plus phone has a plastic cover. Even though the body is made of plastic, the phone looks stylish and feels solid in hand. C20 Plus’s weight is around 200 grams. The phone’s headphone port is situated at the top, and the charging port and microphone are located at the bottom.

C20 Plus flaunts its branding on the front as well as the backside. Inside the phone’s retail box, you’ll find a transparent plastic/silicone case, a 10V charger, a user manual, a warranty certificate, and a SIM ejector. The phone is not very bulky. Its thickness is 9.3 millimeters only.

Activation and warranty

To install apps from the Play Store, you must log in to your Google account. You can link your Google account to the phone from the “accounts” menu located in the settings interface.

Some phone manufacturers ask users to register their device on the company’s official website to activate the phone’s warranty. C20 Plus’s warranty is activated automatically when you set up your Google account on the phone and open the Nokia Phone Manager app and sign in to the application (your Nokia account) with your Google account. The warranty won’t be activated immediately. It will start after 1 or 2 days you run the Phone Manager app.


Nokia C20 Plus doesn’t have any screen protection. It comes with a thin plastic screen protector, which will protect the screen from dust or scratches. This cover won’t protect the screen when the phone slips off the hand. For the safety of the screen, you can get rid of the plastic cover and apply tempered glass.

The phone doesn’t have 2.5D glass, so applying the tempered glass would be easy. Nokia C20 Plus features a 6.5-inch display with rounded edges. At the top of the screen, the phone flaunts its front camera just below the speaker. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find the “Nokia” branding. The screen resolution is HD+. The fonts and icons look perfect.

Software and operating system

Nokia C20 Plus doesn’t come with bloatware i.e. you won’t find any useless third-party Android app in this phone when you start the phone for the first time. When you set up your Google account, C20 Plus will download some applications automatically. Some of the apps the C20 Plus phone installs are Moj, Jio, Snapchat, DailyHunt, etc. You can remove every application installed by the phone but not the JIO app.

If you don’t use a JIO SIM, you must deactivate the application manually from the settings interface of the phone. Nokia C20 Plus runs on the Android 11.0 Go Edition operating system. You’ll find the following Go edition apps on the phone.

  • Google Go, Files Go, Google Go.
  • Assistant Go, etc.

The C20 Plus phone comes pre-installed with Facebook Lite and the Discover Bar application. When the Discover bar is active on the phone, you’ll find a bar below the notification pane of the phone.


The Nokia C series phone has two 8 megapixel back cameras. The cameras are located half an inch from the top. The camera unit of the phone looks beautiful. The quality of pictures captured by the phone isn’t bad or great. They are decent. The C20 Plus phone has a 5-megapixel front camera. The quality of images taken with this camera is average. C20 Plus lets users capture a panorama, portrait, and time-lapse image. It can also record 1080p videos.

Face unlock

The C20 Plus phone doesn’t pack a fingerprint reader. It supports the Face unlock feature. The phone is quick in detecting and capturing the face of the user.

Call quality

Nokia is not only a reputed phone manufacturer but is also one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. Thus, the communication hardware in the phone is expected to be top-notch. Despite being a budget phone, the sound quality and clarity are good in C20 Plus. You can hear the other person clearly even if you’re walking or traveling. You’d be surprised with the sound clarity and quality of this smartphone.


The phone is made for multitasking as it has a Spreadtrum octa-core processor and 2GB or 3GB RAM. 50% of RAM is consumed by the system processes and apps running in the background. The remaining is available for the use of the user. I ran various applications and used them one by one. The experience with the applications was good as none of them froze or closed abruptly. The typing was smooth, and the apps opened their interface quickly when I filled out and submitted a form.


When the phone is being charged or heavily multitasking, the phone’s body will heat up. The phone remains cool during moderate multitasking. Make sure the fan or air conditioner is on to keep the phone cool.


I am not into gaming, but I played the Minecraft game for half an hour to test the phone’s graphics performance. The gameplay was smooth, and the battery drained about 7% when the game was running on my device. Graphics intensive games should work well at medium or low settings on the Nokia C20 Plus phone.


The Nokia C20 Plus phone has a non-removable 4950 mAh battery. The hotspot is active on my C20 Plus smartphone for about 12 hours every day. I also use the phone when the hotspot is active to check messages and read forum posts. The battery lasts for 40 to 48 hours. How much time C20 Plus takes to get charged? The phone gets charged up to 100% in 3 to 3.5 hours.


  • Great design.
  • Good performance
  • Stock Android OS.
  • Decent cameras.
  • No ads and bloatware.


  • No fingerprint reader.

Closing words: Nokia C20 Plus is a great phone for users who are not much into photography and are looking for a durable and straightforward phone for day-to-day tasks. The stock Android OS makes C20 Plus a fantastic device as you don’t have to waste time removing useless applications or reducing battery usage. The battery and processor performance is good.

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