Stockcharts vs TradingView

Trading without charts is possible but difficult. There are many charting software available on the internet, but not all are reliable. If you don’t refer to a reliable chart, your trades won’t work out. The best charting tools are TradingView and StockCharts. TV is the most popular charting software on the internet. It is used by hundreds of thousands of users. StockCharts, on the other hand, is its alternative. Its user base is not as vast as TradingView but the tool is used by thousands of users.

Is Tradingview better than StockCharts or vice versa? Which online charting software is better? Let’s find it out!

TradingView vs StockCharts


StockCharts website looks old. TradingView has a modern and stylish user interface. It is integrated with the website of many online trading platforms, but StockCharts isn’t. StockCharts supports multiple views. For example, it lets users open the ACP chart, SharpChart, Gallery, etc. ACP, aka Advanced Charting Platform, has a modern UI. SharpChart has an ordinary interface. It renders a chart in an image instead of a canvas. TradingView doesn’t support different views like SC. ACP charts look better than Sharpcharts.

Chart types

StockCharts doesn’t support the Renko chart, but TradingView supports them. In the free version of TradingView, you can see the Renko Chart for a 1-day time frame, but in the paid edition, you can see the chart for various timeframes to get a clearer picture of the stock market. The two charting platforms support these charts – Heikin Ashi, Kagi, Candlesticks, OHLC, etc.


Day traders may want to get their charts updated every second. TradingView free edition updates the chart every second without asking users to pay money. StockCharts SharpChart can update a chart every 15, 30, and 60 seconds. In the free edition of SC, the user will have to reload the page to see the latest update in the chart but in TradingView, you don’t have to do so.


StockCharts lets users create their own scan comprising various indicators, patterns, candlestick building blocks, price, and volume conditions. TradingView doesn’t let you create a custom scan, but it has a customizable scanner tool.


Some users may want to keep an eye on multiple charts instead of one to make a trading decision. TradingView free version can show a single chart at a time. To see more charts on the current window, you must buy its subscription plan. The maximum number of charts the charting tool can display at a time is 8.

StockChart’s Sharpchart doesn’t look great, but it is very powerful. It allows users to add as many charts as they to the current chart. The new charts will appear at the bottom of the earlier chart, and it can have their own indicator. Although SharpChart is a good feature, it has a limitation. If you click on the inspect option, the chart will stop updating itself if you’ve enabled the auto-update feature. If you close the inspect tool, you will have to reactivate the “auto update feature”. On the right side of Shartpchart, you’ll find a massive void space. You can reduce or get rid of this space by choosing a pre-defined width/height.

Community scripts

One of the coolest features of TradingView is the community scripts feature that allows users to publish their indicators/scripts and let other users take advantage of it. There are thousands of scripts in the community script section. Most of the scripts are unlocked, whereas some are locked.


The two charting tools have 1 plan that cost the same and two plans priced differently. TradingView has launched three subscription plans – Pro, Pro Plus, and Premium. These three plans cost 14.95, 29.95, and 59.95, respectively. StockCharts has introduced three plans – Basic, Extra, and Pro. The Pro plan is priced at 39.95 dollars, and the Extra plan costs 24.95 dollars. You can purchase the Basic plan for 14.95 dollars only.

Features of the paid edition of TradingView:

Pro plan: This plan lets users use up to 5 indicators on one chart and supports two charts in one window. It also enables you to set up up to 20 server-side alerts.

Pro+ plan: If you want to use more than five indicators at a time and would like to see up to four charts in a tab, you can buy the Pro+ plan.

Premium plan: If you buy this plan, your chart can have up to 25 indicators. You will also be able to see eight charts at a time.

StockCharts paid plan features:

Pro: This plan supports 25 overlays/indicators on one chart. It lets users set the refresh timer to 5 seconds. It supports 500 entries in the watchlist and lets you create up to 250 advanced alerts.

Extra and basic: These two plans support 25 indicators/overlays per chart and 15 seconds refresh time. The Extra plan lets you set up 100 advanced alerts. The basic plan supports just one advanced alert.

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