When to upgrade phone?

Rich people can change their phones without any reason anytime they want. Most people will think twice before taking a final call on replacing or upgrading their phone with a new and better one. If the reasons are legitimate, you shouldn’t think too much. Here are the reasons why people may upgrade or replace their mobile devices:

Why and when to replace or upgrade a smartphone?

Outdated software

Android phone manufacturers launch mobiles with good features. At the time of launching, they promise Android updates for a few years but not every company fulfills their promise. Google introduces two types of Android updates – security and OS. Security updates address security-related issues. When it comes to OS updates, Google adds new features with each new version of the Android OS but phone manufacturers won’t roll out updates to their legacy devices even if the hardware supports the new OS. Like Google, Apple also rolls out a new version of iOS every year but it allows older devices to upgrade the iOS OS to the latest edition. For example, iPhone 7 which was launched in 2016 can be upgraded to the iOS 14 OS that Apple had introduced in 2020. When the OS doesn’t get new updates and security patches, you may want to upgrade your phone.

Malfunctioned or low resolution display

Sometimes, the screen of the phone may turn dark because of dead pixels. Your eyes will be sore or you’ll be frustrated if you use a phone whose display has malfunctioned. Few scratches on the screen won’t be visible nor they’ll affect the readability. If the screen has many scratches, you may have to strain your eyes to read the things written on the screen. Also, reading books, using applications, playing games, watching videos on a mobile with a 2K, 4k or FHD display is a great experience compared to watching the same video on a phone with a 480p or 720p screen. If you love playing games, reading books, etc or you’re spending money on monthly/yearly subscriptions of Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, etc services, you should upgrade your phone to enjoy FHD video streaming, gaming, etc.

Bad cameras

If you love capturing photos but the phone’s camera has a 5 or 8-megapixel camera, you’ll have to upgrade the mobile to lay your hands on a better camera and capture great photos. $250 phones launched in 2016/2015 had a single back camera. Now, most phones priced above $200 have a minimum of 2 cameras. Out of two cameras, one will be of 16MP resolution (or higher).

Low RAM and storage

More RAM equals to better multi-tasking and a better gaming experience. If your phone has a lot of free storage memory, you can save many photos, videos, apps, games, etc on the phone’s ROM. If you have a mobile with 1 or 2GB RAM, upgrading to a 3GB RAM phone (or higher) with high storage capacity won’t be a bad idea.

Processor & GPU performance

There’s a massive difference between the performance of a phone launched in 2016 and a phone that you can buy for the same price right now. The credit for the superior performance of the newer phone goes to the latest processor and the GPU.

Poor battery backup

Smartphones introduced in 2015/2016 had up to 3000 mAh battery. Some companies had launched 10000 mAh battery phones but as these firms were not established and well known like big brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, etc, the 10000 mAh capacity battery mobiles went unnoticed largely. Mobiles with 2000 mAh (or lower capacity batteries) lasted for up to 24 hours after a full charge. On heavy usage, these mobiles will run out of battery juice within 6 to 7 hours. 90%+ mobiles launched after 2018 have 3000+ mAh batteries. These phones have a great battery backup of 24+ hours (even after heavy usage). Thus, if your old phone runs out of battery quickly, you can upgrade it.

What to do with an old phone?

If an online or offline retailer has introduced an exchange offer wherein it accepts old phones, you can get a discount on a newer phone if you exchange your old device. You can also replace the old smartphone’s parts and hand over the mobile to a needy person.

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