YOU Broadband vs Hathway

YOU Broadband and Hathway were independent entities until big telecom operators switched to expansion mode and bought them. YOU Broadband is now owned by Vodafone-Idea aka Vi. Reliance Industries is the owner of Hathway. Both these ISPs are popular in these cities Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat, etc, and are competitors of each other. Let’s have a look at various plans and services these two internet service providers offer!

Hathway vs YOU Broadband: TV service

Hathway is not only an ISP but is also a cable TV operator. It has launched three set-top boxes – 2 SD and 1 HD. The HD set-top box will cost you 2050 Rs and the price of the SD boxes is known. The Hathway HD set-top box supports 1080p resolution and offers Dolby Digital audio experience. The aspect ratio of the TV channels on an HD set-top box is 16:9. The SD box is cheaper than the HD box and it lets you watch TV channels in DVD quality. This set-top box supports parental lock. Hathway has launched several cable TV packs for each state. It makes the selection of packs easy by bundling local tv channels in the pack. For example, in the FTA pack of Rajasthan, you won’t find local TV channels that are popular in Maharashtra or South India. The FTA packs pricing starts at 120 Rs. YOU Broadband doesn’t offer a cable TV subscription service yet.

YOU Broadband vs Hathway: broadband plans

Hathway: Like other Internet Service Providers, Hathway has launched several plans for its customers. The tariff of the plans depends on the speed of the connection and the type of cable used to offer the connection – DOCSIS or Fiber. No matter what plan you choose, you will get a free router. The ISP has launched 3 to 4 plans that offer up to 200 Mbps download/upload speed in its circles. The DOCSIS powered 50 Mbps plan is the cheapest Hathway plan. It costs around 2300 Rs for a quarter, 4599 for 6 months, and 8799 Rs for a year. This plan comes with a 300 GB FUP. Post FUP, the download/upload speed will drop to 1Mbps. The DOCSIS plan that offers 500GB data is priced at 2549/4949/9349 for 3/6/12 months. Post FUP, the internet speed will drop to 2mbps. The 50 Mbps plan with 3 Mbpspost FUP speed offers 1000GB of data and it costs users 2835/5419/10395 every 3/6/12 months. The Hathway GPON plans offer unlimited speed and offer 100 Mbps to 200 Mbps download/upload speed. They also have a good post-FUP speed of 5 Mbps. The plans cost between 2400 to 11988 Rs.

YOU Broadband: YOU offers up to 4 broadband plans in each city where it operates. In some cities, it offers 3/6/9/12 months plans. In some cities, it offers only yearly plans. For example, YOU has launched four broadband plans in Ahemdabad that offers speed between 50 Mbps to 200 Mbps. The data offered is unlimited and the validity of the plan is 380 days. The You Unlimited 50 plan is priced at 8142. The 75, 100, and 200 Mbps plans cost 8850, 9912, and 12744 Rs respectively. In Hyderabad, the ISP offers these four plans – You UNLTD 50/75/125/200. The plans have a validity of 90/90/95/95 days and they cost Rs 2124, 2301, 2478, and 3186 Rs. YOU Broadband offers 4 plans in Banglore circle with 190 or 380 days validity. The plan with 190 days validity cost 6372 Rs and it offers 200 Mbps speed. The 200/100/50 Mbps plans come with 380 days validity and they cost 12744, 9912, 7788 Rs.

Hathway vs YOU Broadband: Ratings and user experience

The reviews of both companies are bad on Hathway has a rating of 1.4 out of 5 and YOU Broadband carries a rating of 1.5. Although the broadband plans of Hathway are covered on the company’s site, the website is buggy. The site showed a loading icon on the desktop. I was able to see the plans only when I opened the website on a mobile device. Also, the price of the SD version of the set-top box is not mentioned on the site. YOU Broadband, on other hand, has shared everything that a customer would like to know on their website.

How to subscribe?

YOU Broadband and Hathway’s official website have a form that you must fill. When you fill the form, you’ll get a call from the support executive or an email if the company’s network is available at your place.

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