YouTube Premium vs Spotify

In 2020, Google had shut down its music streaming service “Play Music” and introduced a new service called YouTube Music. YouTube is a great video streaming site. However, to continue watching videos or to continue listening to music, you will have to keep the phone’s display on. If you accidentally press the phone’s power button, YouTube will stop playing the video or the song you’re currently listening to. Here’s when YouTube Premium comes into the picture. The paid plan of YouTube will not only allow its app on your smartphone or tablet to run in the background but will also unlock cool new features that you may like.

Launched in 2006, Spotify is one of the greatest music streaming applications on the internet. It doesn’t allow you to watch videos. However, like YouTube free edition, Spotify will play audio advertisements when a track you’re currently listening to ends. Spotify offers a paid plan for users who don’t want to hear advertisements while listening to music.

Below, we’ve compared YouTube Premium and Spotify.

Spotify vs YouTube Music: Which service is better?


YouTube Music UI

The UI of YouTube loads faster than Spotify’s interface and has a dark grey background. The Spotify web player’s sidebar color is black and the list of songs/playlist section has a dark grey background. Both services let users follow their favorite artists. YouTube is the only app that allows you to like/dislike songs. Its recommendation is based on the songs you like/dislike and some other factors.

Spotify UI

YouTube Premium plans

You can access YouTube’s video hosting and music streaming service for free. However, to enjoy ad-free streaming, you’ll have to purchase a subscription plan. YouTube offers three types of Premium plans – Family, Individual, and Student. Each plan ships with a 1-month free trial offer. The Individual plan costs $11.9 per month. The Student plan is priced at $6.99 per month. The Family plan will cost you $17.99. What’s the difference between these three plans? Well, in an individual/student plan, only a single user can enjoy YT Premium. The Family plan enables you to add up to 5 family members that are aged 13 or more.

The Google-owned service supports recurring billing and it also comes with the Cancel option in case you want to cancel your subscription. YouTube Music free edition may play only audio or video. YT Premium lets users switch from video to audio mode and vice versa.

Spotify Premium plans

Like YouTube, Spotify offers multiple premium subscription plans. The music streaming service also offers 1 extra free month subscription to anyone who buys one of its following four plans:

Individual: As the name suggests, this plan has been designed for individuals. It supports offline and on-demand playback of music.

Duo: This plan is great for couples, two friends, partners, etc. 2 people will get access to Spotify Premium. You can subscribe to it for $12.99.

Family: The Family plan of Spotify costs $15.99 and it provides 6 premium accounts. It gives users access to a playlist called “Family Mix” which features songs/genres of songs the connected account users enjoy. You will also get access to Spotify Kids application which has been built for kids.

Student: Spotify Student plan is the cheapest Spotify subscription plan. You can buy it for $4.99.


Both music streaming giants have millions of songs. Spotify not only allows you to listen to songs but it also has tons of podcasts. YouTube Music doesn’t have podcasts. The reason for this might be the huge variety of podcasts like videos Google’s video streaming service hosts.

Bitrate and other features

Spotify and YouTube allow you to shuffle the songs in the playlist and have hundreds of thousands of playlists. They have the option to favorite a song. The streaming quality of both services is excellent. If you’re concerned about bitrate, YT Music plays at a max bitrate of 256 Kbps. Spotify support 320 Kbps bitrate.

Number of users

YouTube has 1+ billion users but we don’t know how many people use its music streaming service. Spotify has 300+ million active users.

Why YouTube Premium plan is better?

If you subscribe to the Premium plan of YouTube, you’ll not only enjoy ad-free video streaming on YouTube but you will also get access to the YT Music application which is very much similar to Spotify (the UI is a bit different but the functions are the same).

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